February 22, 2018
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Bright Eye Makeup

10 Bright Eye Makeup Ideas To Make a Statement!

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean you should give up playful fabrics and fun colors! And it’s time for adding a bit of bright eye makeup to your work/school life too! The cooling temps and lively atmosphere gives you just the excuse you need to experiment a little (or a lot). So read our 10 bright eye makeup ideas to make a statement!

  1. Color pop eyeliner – Bright, colored liner, both in pencil and liquid formulations, are everywhere this year. Add a vibrant aqua or turquoise to your waterline or lash lines. Smudge out a line of vivacious purple under your lower eyelashes. How about surrounding your entire eye with a daring fuchsia? Why not?
  2. Neon – Not only are neon and neon accents huge right now, they also trumpeted in the Summer season loud and clear and followed us right into Fall. While it’s one thing to add neon yellow trimmed pumps to your wardrobe, it might require a bit more confidence to sweep on a bright neon eyeshadow! Hesitation is totally understandable. No one expects you to bounce out of your house in full Nicki Minaj eye makeup on your first attempt. But certainly a little hint of neon couldn’t hurt?
  3. Go bold with coral and salmon– These are the “it” colors of the season. You could see them inspire and adorn almost every Spring/Summer runway show, and you can find them in almost every makeup product imaginable: mascara, liquid liner, pencil liner, celebrity false lashes, lipstick, lip gloss, and blush. So why not bring a little fancy Summer runway to your Fall bright eye makeup ideas?
  4. Highlight time – Nothing opens up your eyes (tear duct and under the brow bone), emphasizes your pout (over the Cupid’s bow), slims your nose (right down the bridge), or pops those cheekbones like highlight. In liquid form, also known as “luminizer,” this little product is a miracle. You may be tempted to grab a Benefit High-Beam, Benefit Watt’s Up!, or Diorskin Shimmer Star (all available in high-end retailers or online at Sephora), but please note that Minki Lashes does not recommend using these products due to their unhealthy ingredients. Do your skin and organ system a favor and opt for non-toxic makeup instead!
  5. Bronzed and beautiful – Sun-kissed, that’s the feeling you get from bronze makeup! Perfect for that “I’m still  in the summer mode” look. Sweep on some contour, smoke out your eyes with a bronze /brown shimmer, and then add a light bronze/nude glossy lip. You’ll look like you’ve just come back from a fabulous tropical holiday!
  6. Mascara madness – If the busy Fall schedule makes you feel as if adding even the best false lashes by Minki Lashes would be impractical during work week (although we can’t see why…Siberian mink eyelashes look more natural than mascara!), some of the best volumizing mascaras on the market can make any natural lash a show-stopper… as long as you remember the importance of curling eyelashes before mascara! Unless you are using a heated curler that forgives if you curl your lashes after applying mascara. Curling your eyelashes will dramatically open up the look of your eyes.
  7. Glitter eyesAhhh, glitter! Long-gone are the lumpy, goopy glitter eye makeup formulations of years gone by. Today’s liners and shadows incorporate micro glitter into their products. The result is wearable, eye-catching, light-reflecting particles that instantly add fun to any bright eye makeup ideas.
  8. Jewel tones – One of the easiest ways to incorporate colorful eyeshadow into your makeup ideas is to go jewel tone. Yes, you can use a shimmer…but why not try a vivid matte? Electric blue, emerald green, even ruby red…matte color allows the pigment to truly make a statement.
  9. Lashes everywhere – Big, bold faux eyelashes are back with a vengeance this year! So whether you feel more comfortable in demi strips, individual eyelash extensions (applied at your local beauty salon), or long and lush full-strip mink eyelashes, this is your time to shine and browse the awesome collection of cruelty-free Minki Lashes! And guess what? One of the trendies bright eye makeup ideas is to get faux mink lash extensions with colored tips! How cool do blue lash tips sound? Or what about a mini rainbow on your eyelashes? Ask your eyelash technician for Minki Lashes colored tips extensions today and make a definite statement!
  10. Metallics – Nothing makes your bright eye makeup ideas brighter than the metallics. Usually, their true pigment best comes through in a cream eye shadow formulation. For a modern twist on bright eye makeup, try a liquid silver or gold lid and a bronzy lip that gives a distantly nostalgic summer feel.

If you were waiting to try new bright eye makeup ideas and trends, now’s your chance! Fall doesn’t mean you have to follow “back-to-school” rules…and there’s a sense of adventure in the air. So get out there and get adventurous!


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