February 19, 2018
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Angelina Jolie Eye Makeup

Angelina Jolie Cat Eye Makeup Vs Rihanna For Almond Eyes

They are two of the most stunningly gorgeous women in Hollywood right now: Angelina Jolie and Rihanna. So how can us non-celeb women help but try to emulate their makeup looks? For those of us with an almond eye shape, like Angie and RiRi, we’re in luck! But while they both share our eye shape, Angelina Jolie eye makeup and Rhianna eye makeup are usually pretty different. For many, Angelina Jolie eye makeup is much more wearable for everyday…But then again, Rhianna often rocks a lovely and everyday-friendly eye, too. So which will you feel more comfortable trying out? You’ll never know until you try, and you just need to know some celebrity makeup tips and tricks for applying eye shadow and eyeliner that make the most of your natural attributes!

Angelina Jolie – Her beauty is undeniable, and her eye makeup, downright mesmerizing. So how does she do it? The Angelina Jolie eye shape is almond, and slightly up-turned. She favors mostly one standard look, the sultry cat eye, with a smokey twist every now and then.

  1. Define the brows – Angelina’s brows are strong, but not overpowering. They are always impeccably well-groomed, and her dramatic arch is always clearly defined. (“Angelina Jolie eyebrows” are a frequent request at beauty salons everywhere).
  2. Keep the lid neutral – Her almond eye shape is almost always kept pale and matte. If there is any dark shadow applied, it is generally very subtle through her crease and over her liner (used to soften the look of the cat eye).
  3. Add liquid or gel liner – Angie loves her some liquid liner! Even on days she is snapped with next-to-no makeup on, her cat eye is ever-present. And the thickness of her line, as well as the “wing”, is always consistent. Thinner at the inner corner, thicker at the outer corner, and never winged out too far past her lashes, she manages to extend the look of her eye subtly and seductively…all at the same time.
  4. Lashes – Angelina Jolie eye makeup also means always having glamorous, long lashes. When she does add faux lashes to the mix, they are the ultimate in natural looking false eyelashes, usually only demi strips or individual pieces. But if you are interested in achieving this “long and lovely” look, without all the work of falsies, consider mink eyelash extensions! They can last up to three months, but be sure to do your research first. Find the best salons in your area, and check online for mink eyelash extensions reviews. Alternatively, opt for luxurious Minki Lashes made of authentic Siberian mink (cruelty-free!) for an instant celebrity eye enhancement that is also affordable!

Rihanna – Trying to define Rihanna’s eye makeup signature look is tricky, to say the least! RiRi changes her makeup styles as much as she changes her wardrobe. But the overall theme for her eye makeup is fun!

  1. Be bold with shadow – Rihanna constantly pushes the boundaries with bold, bright, dark, or shimmery shadows (in contrast, you would be hard pressed to find an Angelina Jolie eye makeup look that uses any sort of bright, non-neutral color). Rihanna also loves to play up a color by creating an entire look around it, for example, using only silver/gray tones and textures to create a full stunning silver smokey eye.
  2. Accentuate the inner rim – Not only are RiRi’s hazel-green eyes stunning, she constantly accentuates her almond eyes shape by lining her inner rim (waterline) with dark or bold colors. For this, make sure to use a smudge proof eyeliner. On Rihanna, it’s a striking look that makes both her eye color and eye shape pop: an almond eyes must! This is one big difference between the cat eye technique in Rihanna’s vs Angelina Jolie eye makeup. While Angie’s cat eye is typically more “bare”, Rihanna adds a waterline liner and some shadow underneath the eyeliner on the top lid.
  3. Luscious lashes – Rihanna eye makeup never shies away from over-the-top false eyelashes. Any search for looks of celebrity false eyelashes will showcase Rihanna wearing everything from extravagantly colored, to feathered, to rhinestone-studded lashes! Experiment with falsies by Minki Lashes today to complete  your RiRi-inspired looks!

Even though we may not have all the attributes of starlets like Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, those of us with an almond eyes at least have that much in common with them. So, whether you opt for a classic Angelina Jolie eye makeup, or a fun-and-flirty Rhianna eye makeup style, you can’t go wrong. In the end, you will create something that is a little bit of them, and a whole lotta you! Perfect!


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