February 19, 2018
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Applying Eye Makeup

Applying Eye Makeup Tips With Glasses -10 Mistakes To Avoid!

One of the most helpful things about the passage of time is that you can usually learn from your mistakes. In the arena of beauty, the art of applying eye makeup has definitely advanced by leaps and bounds, and thankfully, we in the here-and-now can benefit from all those makeup “don’ts” of years gone by. For instance, wearing glasses in the 50s might have been regarded as “square,” but today, people who don’t even need glasses are wearing them just to look “cool.” But if you are one of the lucky ones who actually wear glasses out of necessity, you still might not know the best tips and tricks for applying eye makeup with glasses to highlight your lovely peepers. Well, the best place to start is to learn what not to do from mistakes of yesterday in our tutorial about 10 mistakes to avoid with applying eye makeup.

  1. Not paying attention to ingredients around your eyes – If you stop to consider that 60% of everything we place on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream, that makes it all the more important to try to use natural, paraben free cosmetics starting with your mascara whenever you can, especially on the delicate skin around the eyes.
  2. Forgetting shadow primer – Eyeshadow primer is a must before applying eye makeup, especially if you’re wearing glasses, as it ensures that your eye makeup stays in place. These days, cream eye shadow can also be formulated to be crease-resistant and act as primer and lid color in one.
  3. Ignoring your lashes – Even though you’re wearing glasses, ignoring your lashes is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid! But who wants lashes that hit your lenses when you blink? The best remedy for this this is very simple (and inexpensive): an ELF eyelash curler or better yet a heated curler (it’s actually easier to use and safer for your lashes)! Curl those lashes, girl! When using a conventional clamp, start at the base, gently press for 2 seconds, move up the lash and press again. Then apply 2 coats of organic mascara. Or, if your own lashes are short and sparse, you should absolutely consider getting professional eyelash extensions (real mink is best because of its fluttery curl and extremely light weight) so you don’t have to even use mascara afterwards at all. As an alternative to mink lash extensions, consider using luxurious and the most natural- looking Minki Lashes full strip or partial lashes made of authentic cruelty-free mink or, if on a tight budget or just learning how to apply false lashes, cheap false eyelashes will also do. Many budget-friendly brands (such as Eylure and Ardell) have dozens of options that will make those eyes shine behind glasses. If you’re unsure about application, refer to our fake eyelashes tips!
  4. Not adding emphasis where you can actually see it – One key tip for applying eye makeup on those who wear glasses is to add shimmer, and remember what will and won’t be visible behind your lenses. You can never go wrong with adding some shimmer to the tear duct area (to look more “awake”) or onto the lid.
  5. Not using color wisely – Nobody wants to end up looking like a bad throw-back to 80s eye makeup, so know which colors will work and which ones won’t. Using the color wheel, you can easily compliment either your eye color… or the color of your frames (a hip new look). If your frames are green, sweep on a purple hue. If your frames are neutral, try complimenting your eye color in the same way.
  6. Using the wrong concealer – Your glasses may end up emphasizing any dark circles under your eyes, so one of the most important but often ignored tips for applying eye makeup is to pick a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone, and set with power or setting spray to avoid makeup “migration” to your frames or into fine lines.
  7. Neglecting your brows – Brows are one of the most important aspects of applying eye makeup. No matter the shape of your frames, your brows will be seen. Make sure that they are well-groomed and neat, with a well-defined arch. And remember, super thin 90’s eyebrows are out and more natural-looking are in!
  8. Not watching that line! – A good rule of thumb is to have the thickness of your eyeliner mimic the thickness of your frames. Also remember that different eye shapes require different eye makeup application, so your eye shape also needs to be taken into consideration. (For instance, small eyes should avoid lining the inner rim with dark colors, hooded eye makeup focuses more on placement of the line on the upper lid, etc. Our tips and tutorials will help answer your eye shape/liner questions so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!).
  9. Shying away from lips – Always sticking to a nude lip is another one of the mistakes to avoid with applying eye makeup with glasses.  Nothing spices up glasses like a minimal eye and a bold lip. The glasses just add icing to the beautiful and unique cake that is you!
  10. Waiting until the end of the makeup application to check the result – Take your glasses on and off as you apply the makeup…or else how will you know if it truly works with your glasses on?

We’ve come a long way, baby! And thankfully, there are more tips and tricks today for applying eye makeup (correctly!) than ever before. Glasses or no glasses, your beauty can shine with a little know-how!


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