February 19, 2018
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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an incredibly vulnerable time.  The body goes through many changes that can be both startling and unnerving and expecting moms often question the safety of everything that goes in or on their bodies.  This can also include things that were or are part of their normal beauty routine.  Are you an expecting mom wondering are eyelash extensions safe during pregnancy? And, have been unable to find the answers?  Well, you don’t have to look any further because whether you are considering silk or mink eyelash extensions or simply trying to avoid gobs of makeup during warm summer months and contemplating natural looking false eyelashes, we have you covered with our explanation.

The way that all falsies whether they be tips or the whole shebang are typically applied is via a simple adhesion process with eyelash extension glue.  Now, this glue can come in all sorts of formulations and each manufacturer is likely a little bit different.  While typically safe (of course there is the whole “getting it into your eye” thing, a big no-no for pregos and for non!) because of the hormonal changes experienced by a pregnant woman, you may find that your tolerance for some everyday products ends in irritation, even if you have not experienced it before.  This doesn’t need to leave you wondering “are eyelash extensions safe?” however, because more than likely this irritation will be temporary and doesn’t indicate a safety concern, simply that your pregnant and changing body doesn’t like something about the chemical composition of the glue. And, in all likelihood, after you welcome your new baby into the world, you might find that the same product that caused you grief during your trimesters is suitable and fine after delivery.  So, if this happens to you, you can consider switching brands or simply removing eyelash extensions during your pregnancy and electing instead for inexpensive choices for the best lengthening mascara (choose organic!) or weekend strip false eyelashes (such as those by ultra natural Minki Lashes) instead during the interim.

It’s not just during pregnancy that women wonder are eyelash extensions safe, however.  Non expecting women are also concerned about the safety, particularly of the chemicals in the glues used, of having false eyelashes applied.  

Consider the toxic and carcinogenic formaldehyde that is used by some budget and over-marketed eyelash extension glue brands, and especially those glues coming from China.
Note that Minki Lashes currently does not sell professional eyelash extension glue. So please do your due diligence and ask your eyelash technician which brand of glue the salon uses, and go with the gentler option for sensitive eyes as to ensure that your mink eyelash extensions are safe for your pregnancy.

There are some other things you need to think about when wondering are eyelashes extensions safe whether or not you are on a people growing mission.  For starters, it’s worthwhile to consider paying the extra money to have a professional apply them. Sure you might be the best at creating natural makeup looks at home with a few brushes and a pair of tweezers, but you can seriously injure yourself by trying to be too much of a do it yourselfer. Applying Ardell individual flare lashes to your outer eye corners that last 1 day is not the same as applying professional semi-permanent individual lashes by Minki Lashes  or other brands you may have located on the internet. So, if you are going to do it – do it right.  Another component of this is sterilization.  Dirty equipment or an unclean tech can lead to infection, and that can be dangerous in the eye, particularly for women during pregnancy.  So, if you’re wondering are eyelash extensions safe, the answer is “sure” if you leave the application to someone else!

Pregnancy is a beautiful and sensitive time, and adding glamour and doing things for yourself like enhancing your appearance can boost your self esteem and build confidence.  Generally safe and well tolerated, if you can afford high quality eyelash extensions and manage a bit more hair during hot months, they can add style and drama to your new mom look! In fact, more and more new moms are raving about the convenience of having mink lash extensions applied instead of time-consuming daily mascara applications and removals. One monthly trip to a beauty salon (every mom needs a “me” time!) will help eliminate tired eyes and look your best effortlessly. For glam in a blink, think mink!


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