February 22, 2018
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Best Cheap Mascara

Best Cheap Mascara For Short Lashes – 10 Risky Options To Avoid!

Perusing the drugstore cosmetics aisles looking for the best cheap mascara for your short lashes isn’t much of a challenge, and you might be surprised to find that many everyday bargain products actually beat out some of the top rated mascara from pricier, high end brands in terms of safety.  And, products such as the best Maybelline mascara from this decades old company offer a wide variety of eye enhancers in chemically sound formulations.  In fact, you’ll find that many inexpensive and easy to find brands offer less of the chemicals in cosmetics than beauty store buys that cost three and four times as much or more.  However, there are some risky options to avoid when you are shopping for the best cheap mascara in terms of ingredient safety, and while the large majority of products from brands you know and trust are relatively harmless, there are some varieties of the best cheap mascara that are more potentially dangerous than an ill applied set of cheap false eyelashes.  And, we’ve put together a list of the 10 risky options that you should stay away from if ingredients are something you consider in your cosmetic purchases (as you should!):

  1. Cover Girl Lash Blast Length Mascara:  Containing Propylparaben, a known disturber of the endocrine system and potential toxic allergen, this preservative ingredient along with Carbon black raise some health concerns that might concern people shopping for the best cheap mascara.
  2. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara:  Most varieties of Rimmel London Mascara rank less than a “7” for toxicity according to Skin Deep with exception of this volumizing variety that contains BHA, Retinyl Palmitate, propylparaben and butylparaben, all ingredients that tip the toxicity scale according to Skin Deep.
  3. Cover Girl Lash Blast Shimmery Volumizing Mascara:  Cover Girl Mascara makes the list again with this sparkly offering that contains both Propylparaben and benzyl alcohol, which are both considered above average in terms of health hazards.
  4. Physician’s Formula Plump Potion: You may be shocked to find a mascara on the list for hazardous picks for the best cheap mascara, but this one particular offering from this drugstore staples contains retinyl acetate, propylparaben and butyl paraben and this preservative bearing formulation ranks a “7” in terms of potential health hazard per the online cosmetics database.
  5. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara: Again the use of propylparaben combined with triethanolamine make this common product less than desirable in terms of ingredient safety.
  6. NYC Showtime Volumizing Mascara: Retinyl palmitate, propylparaben and butylparaben are the ingredient offenders in this common pick for best cheap mascara, and you might want to think twice about picking up a bottle of this mascara containing an ingredient that ranks a “7” in terms of toxicity per Skin Deep.
  7. Covergirl LashBlast Water Resist Mascara: Waterproof formulas are notoriously more chemical laden than their smudge resistant counterparts and you’ll find this formulation presents both carbon black and propylparaben as potential toxic ingredients.
  8. Neutrogena Full Volume Fortifying Mascara:  Retinyl Palmitate and half the paraben family including propylparaben, butylparaben and also isubutylparaben make this product an iffy choice if you’re concerned about cosmetic chemicals.
  9. Prescriptives Beyond Long Maximum Length Mascara: For its combination of BHT, combined with a full line up of parabens, this particular offering from Prescriptives is less than desirable for the ingredient conscious consumer.
  10. Neutrogena Weightless Volume Mascara:  Another pick for the best cheap mascara stymied by questionable ingredients, this product from Neutrogena might be light on weight, but it’s heavy in potentially hazardous ingredients containing a full line up of parabens combined with Retinyl Palmitate.

Minki Lashes prides itself at bringing you the most reliable makeup product reviews and information about chemicals in cosmetics. Remember to always refer to Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to avoid risky options and find safer mascara alternatives to enhance your short lashes. And finally, if you use false eyelashes, especially those by luxurious Minki Lashes made of real mink, avoid oil-based mascaras at all costs as they will compromise the adhesive’s hold even after washing the lashes.


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