December 15, 2017
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Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Starter Kit – How to Choose?

One of the first steps to becoming a well known and sought after lash technician is to purchase an eyelash extension kit. But, while this may seem like a simple and easy task, it’s truly anything but. With the higher end eyelash extensions cost meaning that getting a foot in the door can prove to be very lucrative for a would be lash installer, making mistakes up front by purchasing a less than adequate eyelash extension kit can mean bad applications, unhappy customers and a lot of money out of pocket.

Most of the time, a basic kit is included in lash extension training costs afforded by leading manufacturers in order to obtain certification in using their lash products. These kits are useful in learning the application process and practicing during demonstrations. However, an eyelash extension kit to start out with will likely need to include a wider array of lash types, so that no matter what the customer prefers, they’re sure to get it. This is where cost can be a big factor. Avoid ultra cheap kits altogether (hint: cheap Asian make or those sold on EBay etc). Not only are they less likely to boast a large selection of lashes of varying lengths, colors, and curvatures, they also may contain “bottom of the barrel” lashes, which means that the synthetic or silk lashes contained therein are odd or unpopular sizes or shapes. Ensure that your kit contains C and J “curls” of lashes as those will likely become your most used! Also, note that your starter kit will likely not contain authentic mink lashes because the product is much more expensive (about 10 times!) than its plastic counterparts, but you may not want to learn on such high end eyelashes anyway!

Not only are larger, and more expensive kits more likely to contain a better variety of products and not just basic starter tools, they also generally contain two and three times the number of applications. For someone starting out, this initial investment can be large, but it can actually save money in the long run. Better deals can often be had when purchases are made in larger quantities, and an eyelash extension kit is no exception to the rule of bulk buying. Some kits can contain as many as 1200 applications worth of eyelashes, meaning that a starting out technician will have more than enough to apply to begin to turn a tidy profit before having to buy more. This means that as clients buy eyelash extensions, the money for the products used will already have been expended by buying in quantity, therefore making the applications more profitable.

A professional eyelash extension kit normally also contains informational and marketing material as well. While this may seem like added fluff used for nothing more than driving up costs, it’s actually hugely beneficial, especially for customers who want to know how to put on mascara after having extensions applied or whether or not their brand of non toxic makeup is safe for use with extensions, and which mascaras to avoid altogether. Being able to provide this useful information to customers can equal repeat business by assuring them that you are concerned about their happiness and the longevity of their new mink or silk lashes. This marketing and informational material also explains lots of useful information about the products contained in the eyelash extension kit, which can give peace of mind to customers who have questions about the service. Any good kit should come with this useful information.

Avoid buying kits online that aren’t manufacturer specific. These can contain fake, counterfeit or contaminated products that can be hazardous to potential customers, especially when it comes to the lash extension glue. While biting the bullet and shelling out the often one or two thousand dollar or more cost of a kit from Lavish Lashes, Novalash or Xtreme can seem like too great an up front cost, it’s well worth it in the long run in order to provide quality work for paying customers. And, while it can be tempting to skimp and buy the cheapest and most affordable package, remember that you often get what you pay for, and lash extensions kits are no exception.


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