February 22, 2018
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Eyelash Extensions Before And After

Eyelash Extensions Before And After Care – Do’s And Don’ts

Although you will leave the installation of your new mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes (genuine and faux mink) or any other brand such as Xtreme Lashes (synthetics and faux mink) or Novalash (synthetics) to qualified technicians, you still will have some work to do regarding your eyelash extensions before and after care.   This is for many reasons, but mostly to ensure that you get the longest and worry-free wear out of your new cosmetic enhancements.  Proper care and maintenance of your new fringes by practicing good eyelash extensions before and after care will help you to get the most value for your expenditure by giving you the longest possible lasting enhancements.  We’ve compiled a list of great do’s and don’ts for to follow both before and after the procedure so that you can make sure that you are diligently adhering to all of the best tips for eyelash extensions before and after care!

BEFORE – DO:  Remove all of your eye makeup with a water based makeup remover – even from your bottom lashes.  Making sure that the area is completely clean and clear of any foreign matter will help your technician do their job properly and ensure that the adhesive used can work as it is supposed to.  The glue isn’t going to work well on top of eyelash primer or mascara, it’s got to go!

BEFORE – DON’T:  Do not curl your eyelashes before your appointment!  Your technician needs a clean and flat work area and doesn’t want to be dealing with curly lashes.  In fact, curling is an important part of both eyelash extensions before and after care – so just put the curler away while you have or are considering extensions.

BEFORE – DO: Take out your contact lenses.  Your eyes are going to be shut for an hour and drying or tearing is going to make the process harder on everyone.  You can consider just taking the lens case with you and taking them out before the application.

BEFORE – DO:  Some salons recommend a tint for particularly light lashes before application for adding visibility and making the process easier.

AFTER – DON’T:  No spas or saunas for you for two days!  That steam and heat can wreak havoc on your adhesive and an important part of eyelash extensions care immediately following the procedure is to keep them clean and dry!

AFTER – DO:  Use water based mascara for eyelash extensions only!  Oil based products and those that are waterproof are not appropriate for extensions and can damage the bond between your natural lashes and the tips you are having applied.

AFTER – DON’T:  Don’t rub or use harsh chemicals or oil based products when cleaning your new eyelashes.  If you are wondering how to clean false eyelashes safely, talk to your technician before leaving about some suitable (and preferably natural!) products.  He or she may also be able to offer other eye makeup techniques using products that are safe for use with your new luxe lashes that will keep them in place for as long as possible.

Regular eyelash extensions before and after care is minimal, however using the aforementioned tips and tricks along with other recommendations from your technician will allow you to get the most benefit and the longest wear out of the lashes that you likely paid a lot of money for!


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