December 15, 2017
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How To Clean False Eyelashes

How To Clean False Eyelashes For Reuse – Do’s And Don’ts

Although not recommended by some professionals who are not yet familiar with the latest cruelty-free mink fur eyelashes features and benefits, many users of falsies can’t help but wonder how to clean false eyelashes at home to be able to reuse them. After all,  fake lashes worn for just a day, have hardly had a chance to shine and accentuate that new colorful eyeshadow and so why not try to get one more wear out of them, right?  Well, yes and no.  You can safely and effectively clean your false eyelashes for additional wear; however you have to know which type of lash you can do it with, and how to do it correctly.  And, in order to properly answer the question of how to clean false eyelashes for reuse, you will have to employ a bit of patience and a lot of delicacy.  While you may have decided that an inexpensive pair of drugstore synthetic lashes isn’t worth saving, a more pricey buy from Minki Lashes or one that you particularly are fond of might be a good candidate to try to wash and reuse.  As such, we’ve compiled a list of practical and helpful do’s and don’ts that will help you decide if and how to preserve and save your used false eyelashes.

DON’T:  Soak!  If you own genuine mink lashes (such as those by Minki Lashes), you should be relatively quick when it comes to placing your new furry friends under water. This is to make sure that the lash tips don’t lose their curl. Yes,  high quality genuine mink lashes are both sterilized and treated to keep a permanent curl, however, remember that this is a natural product, and as such, it might be affected by excessive soaking.   your natural false eyelashes.

DON’T:  Use harsh chemicals!  Soap/gentle hypoallergenic cleanser and water only!  Remember, water is a universal solvent and if you’re trying to figure out how to clean false eyelashes with an overpowered chemical cleanser, you simply aren’t going to do anything aside from damage the fake lashes.  Soap and water might not seem like they will be very effective and you may want to be tempted to use an eyelash glue remover instead, however to properly prepare them for reuse, soap/cleanser and water are the best tools to use.

DON’T: Use oil-based cleansing products and eyelash glue removers! This is a big no-no for any type of lash that you are planning to reuse, because any oil residue will repel the eyelash adhesive from sticking to your lash band during the next application. You should similarly get in the habit of reading makeup product labels as to also ensure that your eyeliner and eye shadows do not contain oil.

DO:  Be gentle:  It’s not uncommon for those frustrated over how to clean false eyelashes to be annoyed and start to pick and pry the remaining adhesive away.  However this tugging, pulling and ripping can damage the falsies that you are trying to save.  Gentle rubbing will do just an effective of a job at releasing the bonded adhesive, so treat them like human hair eyelashes, and they’ll last a lot longer.

DO: Use tweezers to remove the excess adhesive. You will notice a layer of or tiny sticky ‘balls’ of lash glue residue collected on your lash band. Holding your mink lashes in one hand, use tweezers with the other hand to gently pull away the glue left overs. Some people use their nails to scrub away the glue residue, but note that this is not advisable as you can accidentally remove some of the delicate mink lash tips from the lash band.

DO: Rinse!  It’s not just the cleaning off of the glue that’s important.  Remember, you’re figuring out how to clean false eyelashes to reuse again, and that means they’re headed right back into your eyeball area.  If they’re dirty or still covered in soap residue, your next application could be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Make extra sure that you rinse your fake top and bottom lashes before drying and storing in a clean place.

If you care careful and gentle, you can get more than one use out of your false eyelashes, and cleaning them not only removes the adhesives used, it’s also essential to removing eye makeup and bacteria that can create irritation and even infection.  As such, it’s imperative that if you intend to reuse your falsies that you do so after following careful cleansing tips!


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