December 15, 2017
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Lashgrip Eyelash Adhesive

Lashgrip Eyelash Adhesive Vs Ardell LashTite Uses Compared

It’s not everyday that two types of eyelash adhesive from the same manufacturer are compared, but just as there are differences between applying shadow for eye makeup for asian eyes and using a similar product for hooded eye makeup, there are differences between lash glue as well, even if by the same maker. Ardell makes a very wide variety of lash products including glue. Two of the most popular adhesives offered by the lash guru are the Ardell LashTite and LashGrip products. And, while both have their fans, there are marked differences between them, both in terms of usage and safety.

In terms of safety, both products are similarly matched with regards to ranking, but it’s more of a pick your poison sort of fashion. The LashTite product in dark color uses artificial colorings that can prove irritating to some users, according to Skin Deep, the online cosmetics database. But, this beauty product resource also notes problems with the Ardell LashGrip product as well, with it’s innocent looking preservative being a formaldehyde releasing agent in disguise, which can certainly pose problems for those with a sensitivity to eyelash adhesive containing the stuff. But, it is worth noting that those with an allergy to rubber latex should steer clear of the LashGrip option, as its mechanism of action will cause a very adverse reaction in people with a known latex allergy.

In terms of use, fans of LashGrip proclaim that its long lasting, holds well and can keep a set of Ardell Demi Wispies or luxurious high-quality Minki Lashes in place even through tears. However, this eyelash adhesive does take longer to dry than other glues, which can be a nightmare if getting ready in a flash is on the agenda. The formulation is also reportedly runnier and thinner than most, which can make application a bit less flawless. Conversely, fans of the LashTite formulation insist that the darker hued option provides much smoother application thanks to its thicker formulation and that it maximizes holding power for any set of individual lashes all day long. But, there is one very important difference to point out between the two Ardell offering of eyelash adhesive.

LashTite is used for the application of individual false lashes only. It is not meant to be applied to the skin, thus it’s lower health rating on skin deep. For that new set of Ardell false lashes, the LashGrip product is ideal as it’s formulated for on the skin application. Therefore, anyone wondering how to apply individual eyelashes will find the LashTite product appropriate. But, it cannot be used for strip lashes. For that, there is the LashGrip eyelash adhesive instead.

Eyelash extensions, false strip lashes and individual flare lashes can be a perfect way to accentuate all different types of eyes. From those boasting big Betty Boops to those with an almond eye shape, the right set of lashes can add that little something extra. But, while choosing the right lash is an important step, so is choosing the right glue. Even the most perfect set of mink lashes by Minki Lashes can be utterly ruined by using adhesive not designed to account for lash type and ingredient sensitivity. So, instead of reaching for the eyelash glue remover when things go wrong, do the research first and choose the right eyelash adhesive the first time.

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