December 15, 2017
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Megan Fox Eye Makeup

Megan Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial: Close Up Look At Almond Eyes

She is undeniably gorgeous, and at least with her makeup looks, she rarely takes a misstep. With her dark hair, porcelain skin, and piercing blue eyes, Megan Fox eye makeup is one of the most sought-after looks today. And if you’ve got almond shaped eyes, like Megan, you’re actually one step closer to achieving that killer look. Her cat eye makeup tutorial just takes a few tips, the right tools, and you’re on your way!

  1. Prime – The perfect Megan Fox eye makeup begins with primer. You may think it’s not needed, since Megan often opts for a neutral lid, but primer does not just provide extra grab for shadows. It provides a smooth, even canvas for any look for almond eyes, and also helps liner to stay put. So, trust us, dab on a good primer and allow to dry before applying any shadow or liner.
  2. Conceal – Again, just because a step isn’t obvious, it doesn’t mean it’s not present and accounted for! Especially with a bare-lid look of the Megan Fox eye makeup, dark circles must be banished, or they might as well have a spotlight on them. Choose a concealer that is peach toned and one shade lighter than your skin tone. Dab on and blend well.
  3. Shadow – Megan’s lids are usually topped with a matte or slightly shimmery nude shadow. If there is a smokey eye going on, it’s almost always very subtle, using only taupes, browns, or grays. For an almond eye shape, sweep the shadow through the crease, stopping about half way into the lid. Bring the shadow out to the outer corner, then along the upper lash line (creating a sideways V shape). The key is to keep the shadow looking barely-there.
  4. Liner – Eyeliner is the key to duplicating Megan Fox eye makeup. With a liquid or gel eyeliner, draw a very thin line along the upper eyelashes, from the inner eye to the outer corner. Go back and thicken the outer third of the line, ending with a “flick” by extending the line slightly beyond the natural end of the eye. Connect the two by filling in with liner to create a more graceful curve.
  5. Lashes – Megan’s eyelashes are some of the most coveted around. If you want to keep it natural, begin with lash primer, and then two coats of the best lengthening mascara you can find (always opt for safer organic mascaras instead of cheap toxic chemical-filled). On the other hand, Megan does sometimes add false lashes to the mix. While you may think that all celebrity false eyelashes are unattainable and outrageously expensive, that is definitely not the case! Minki Lashes offers celebrity-worthy luxurious authentic Siberian mink lashes (cruelty-free!) at affordable prices. However, until the arrival of the softest and most lightweight Minki Lashes on the market, the natural false lashes adorning celebrity peepers were often those from Eylure and Ardell (available at most local drug stores), so as you can see, even the A-listers don’t always spend a fortune on glamifying their almond eyes.
  6. Brows – Of course, one look at Megan’s eye makeup and you can see why her brows are some of the most requested at beauty salons. To find your best eyebrow shape, define your arch, groom well, and keep them filled-in with a shade of pencil or powder that matches your natural eyebrows.

And there you have it, the most basic Megan Fox eye makeup tutorial you can get. As long as you share a similar almond eye shape, you can make this look work, regardless of your eye, skin, or hair color. Now that’s a winning celebrity look, especially on you!


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