February 19, 2018
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Natural Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial For Different Eye Shapes

Everyone loves a smokey eye. It just exudes confidence, sexiness, and glamour. But if you’ve ever watched a brown smokey eye tutorial and attempted to duplicate the look…only to be disappointed by the results, you may have mistakenly thought the smokey eye was not for you. But, chances are, you were duplicating a smokey eye style not meant for your eye shape! Trust us…there is a brown smokey eye technique out there for different eye shapes, including yours!


  1. Primer – No matter the size or shape, your smokey eye is based around shadow and its placement. You are going to need both a clean, even canvas as a base for the look, but you are also going to need the shadow to last. Apply primer to your entire lid, blend, and allow to dry.
  2. Brows – Many a lovely smokey eye was ruined by an un-groomed, unruly brow. Invest in a brow shaping kit and keep your eyebrows well-groomed. Please…for the sake of your brown smokey eye. We beg you.
  3. Color palette – Since we are concentrating on a basic and natural brown smokey eye tutorial, all the different eye shapes will be using a range of three brown shades: light, medium, and dark. The most practical solution is to invest in a brown-shades palette. Trust us, you will use it over and over; this look never gets old!

SMALL EYES: Most of the time, people with small eyes will stick to natural makeup looks, for fear that heavy makeup will overwhelm them. True. But there is a smokey look for small eyes so continue reading this brown smokey eye tutorial! After primer, apply the medium shade over the outer two-thirds of the lid. Sweep the lightest shade onto the inner one-third, and also under the brow bone. With a very light hand and the darkest shade, create a sideways V in the outer corners of your small eyes, extending the shadow slightly beyond the natural corner of the eyes. Take the brown shadow only into the outer third of the crease. Blend well. Liner, too, should only be applied to the outer third of the top and bottom lash lines, and never line the inner rim…it will completely close the look of your eye! One thing that will tremendously help the appearance of your eyes and complete your natural yet noticeable brown smokey eye tutorial, will be false eyelashes that are a huge trend right now (from natural to outrageous styles), applied to the outer third of the upper lid. Opt for longer mink eyelashes such as the individual partial lashes or half (accent) eyelashes by Minki Lashes, to visually enlarge your eye.

DEEP SET EYES: Deep set eyes makeup can be tricky, because there are already shadows present, and we don’t want to make the eyes appear further sunken in. But there is a brown smokey eye tutorial for those with this shape too! You will apply the lightest and most neutral looking shade of brown all over the lid, using the mid tone shade as V contour (as described above). You will save the darkest shade to use as a smokey liner along the top and bottom lash line. And as a finishing touch to your brown smokey eye tutorial, you can rock some natural looking false eyelashes by luxurious Minki Lashes made of cruelty-free Siberian mink fur! Make sure that they are relatively long so that they come out and away from your brow bone, giving the appearance of a less-sunken eye.

LARGE EYES: Completely opposite from the small and deep set eyes, dark shadows and liners are your friends! Cover your lid with the medium brown shade. Then bring the dark shade half-way in on your upper lid. Blend through entire crease, as well as under lower lash line. Line your inner rim with a dark kohl or waterproof pencil. Add a finishing touch with natural looking false eyelashes by Minki Lashes. Fake-looking synthetics, silk or human hair eyelash materials may attract more negative attention to your already big eyes, so definitely try to avoid any drugstore styles that are overly dramatic or shiny (which faux materials are notorious for). Authentic mink is your best alternative because not only are mink eyelashes’  tips are tapered and shaped virtually identically to your own human eyelashes making them the most natural looking product on the market today, but the shaggy fluttery curl still gives a hint of playfulness and drama that you want to compliment your brown smokey eye look.

HOODED EYES: Since your lid folds over on itself, primer for this brown smokey eye tutorial is critical. Also if you can opt for organic eyeshadow, so much the better (to avoid questionable and harsh chemicals in your cosmetics), since some of it may get rubbed down into your eye. Apply lighter brown color on the lid and the medium shade slightly above your natural crease (more on the skin that folds over), to recede the look of that extra skin. Keep the dark color to the extreme outer V. Once again, don’t forget a pair of Minki Lashes to help open up and “awaken” your “bedroom” eye. Opt for a false lash style that has slightly longer lash hairs in the center of your strip.

ALMOND SHAPED EYES: Here’s the thing about the almond eye shape…it is the most universally flattering shape, capable of wearing so many different eyeliner styles and shadow techniques. So, if you’ve got almond shaped eyes, aren’t you the lucky girl? You can wear all the forms of a smokey eye and false eyelashes if your eyes are proportional, but your best look may entail the darker shade on your lid, medium shade through the crease (blend well), dark shade in the outer V, and top off with liner both on the upper and lower lash line, as well as the inner rim. If your eyes are almond shaped but hooded, small or deep set, follow the instructions for those shapes listed in our tutorial.

Now, armed with the perfect brown smokey eye tutorial for your distinct eye shape, you can confidently create an amazing, sexy, sultry makeup…every time! So, get out there and look smokin’ hot!


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