December 15, 2017
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Eyelash Extension Kits

Professional Eyelash Extension Kits – What Is Included?

For all reputable manufacturers of professional eyelash extensions, training in their product line in terms of application is required for certification of same. And, this training and the classes included come with an often hefty price tag. To add to what can already be enormous up front cost, eyelash extension kits must also be purchased to use in training and also are used for technicians as they start out post certification. While the contents may vary, there are some things that are included standard in almost all eyelash extension kits, and you should ensure that the one you are considering contains the essentials.

Obviously the biggest part of the kit is the eyelashes themselves. Better kits from companies like Xtreme or Lavish Lashes offer a wide variety of lashes so that the start out lash technician can have the lashes desired by each and every customer. Various lengths and curvatures will also be included, and often a good kit will contain enough lashes for a few hundred applications. Bear in mind that better kits can contain enough lashes for over a thousand applications.  Although one important consideration is that some lashes are more desirable than others, so it’s not uncommon for a tech to be left sitting on a few dozen sets of ultra glam and ultra long lashes that aren’t at the top of everyone’s must have list. (For example, C and J curl lashes tend to be most used, so you may end up running out of them the fastest).

It’s also worth noting that while eyelash extension kits carry a wide variety of each manufacturers offerings, they most often will not include authentic mink eyelashes even if the manufacturer offers them.
 This is because they are a premium product and carry a much higher price tag. Lavish Lashes, for instance, has recently started offering trays of real Siberian mink eyelashes at $280/tray as a separate product. Minki Lashes, by contrast, sells a very similar product of equally highest quality, for over twice cheaper – i.e. $120/tray! With no pushy sales reps breathing down your neck, Minki Lashes gives you the ultimate freedom of purchasing what makes sense for your salon and your client base, at significantly lower prices than the competitors’!

Another big part of the contents of professional eyelash extension kits are eyelash adhesive and removal products.  Although, it’s important to note that you may run out of adhesive long before you run out of lashes and may have to reorder this item individually. Even great kits often come with only one bottle because of the glue’s expiration date. The same holds true for eyelash glue remover, where kits often afford technicians just one bottle. This will likely be used a lot less than the every application glue, but also may be something that will have to be purchased again.

Aside from eyelashes and glue, the staples of all professional eyelash extension kits, other contents that are often found inside are  tweezers of varying sizes, brushes, tape, stickers, patches, scissors and applicators. These are all tools of the trade that are used in the application of the eyelashes. While each manufacturer may have their own proprietary versions of these, they are included as standards in most kits. Fluff additions like a mini fan, medicine cups, and eyelash conditioner or primer are not considered essentials, but are included in some better kits, like that from Xtreme.

Lastly, most reputable eyelash extension kits contain useful marketing material and product information. This can help advertise a new technician’s services and provide informative information to the client or potential client. They can include information about safety concerns and commonly asked questions about things like extensions for stomach sleepers and why extensions for  bottom lashes are a no-no. This can help the customer to better understand the process and the aftercare required for extensions.

Professional eyelash extension kits can be expensive, but they genuinely contain all of the essentials that a new technician needs to perfect their craft. And, eyelash extensions are becoming an increasingly popular beauty service, now being offered in spas and salons all across the country. And, demand is only increasing. With women everywhere wanting to enhance their perfect eye makeup with a glamorous set of convenient and luxurious mink lash extensions, it only makes sense for technicians to be prepared for a potentially growing clientele with a well supplied starter kit.


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