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Rihanna Eye Makeup

Rihanna Eye Makeup Tutorial: 10 Best Styles of All Times!

She is a worldwide fashion chameleon and a pop star powerhouse. With her stunning green eyes, almond eye shape, perfect skin, and full lips, Rihanna has a hard time looking bad in anything. Rihanna eye makeup, in particular, is a constantly-requested tutorial in beauty magazines and sites online, as well as in celebrity makeup tips. But with so many looks to choose from, where do you start? We’ve complied a quick tutorial of 10 of her best and most memorable styles of all times, ranging from mild to wild, so the choice is up to you!

1. Silver siren – In 2010 at the Grammy Awards, RiRi appeared in an amazing and frilly white ruffled dress and absolutely heavenly silver and white eye makeup. A heavy shimmery white rimmed her inner upper eye, tear duct, and inner lower lash line, fading out into a smokey silver eye at the outer corners. Liner was kept to a minimum, and super-long dramatic false lashes winged out under her brow. If you seek to recreate this dramatic Rihanna eye makeup look that can only be described as angelic, but are not sold on her over-the-top human hair eyelashes that unfortunately look more stiff and fake because of the shimmery white shadow, try the ultra-natural lightweight yet dramatic Minki Lashes made of soft and delicate cruelty-free Siberian mink! They will leave everyone around you wonder “are those eyelashes real?”

2. Nude eye/Bold lip – This Rihanna eye makeup look is one of her most reliable. Very often you will see Rihanna out with nude lids, natural or demi lashes with mascara, a bit of liner on the top lashes, slightly contoured cheeks, and a big, bold lip. She generally opts for a red, but occasionally will go with a glossy dark plum.

3. Au natural – RiRi is not scared to be seen with next-to-no makeup. But even with minimal makeup, she will always have defined lashes and a shiny nude lip. What keeps the whole thing from going off the rails, though, are her eyebrows. If you want to know how to get perfect eyebrows, look to Rihanna. They are neatly groomed, with a well-defined arch, and bold without being overly filled-in. Your best secret to the natural Rihanna eye makeup look is to skip mascara and apply a pair of Minki Lashes to instantly sexify your natural look. Other brands’ falsies look too synthetic and shiny, while Minki Lashes has a perfect everyday pair for you that will mimic the shape and texture of your own human eyelashes, but in a more dramatic length.

4. Fuchsia fun – In 2010 and 2011, Rihanna’s hair went bright (and we mean bright), cherry red, and she really started stepping out with color. It was here she donned many eye makeup styles accented by either fuchsia or purple eye makeup, used either solidly on the whole upper lid, or in a thick liquid line above her top lashes. Matching lipstick was added occasionally, but she did like to throw in a red lip to match her hair. While it may not be a very practical look for most ladies, it sure is one of the most memorable  Rihanna eye makeup styles of all times!

5. Turquoise jewel – A frequent guest on the list of fabulous Rihanna eye makeup looks is the color turquoise. Playing off of the tremendous sea-glass green color of her almond eyes, RiRi likes to either smudge a wide line of turquoise/green under her bottom lashes only, or focus all the turquoise on the top lid and lashes, similarly to the fuchsia look from above. It always gives her eyes other-worldly beauty.

6. Classic cat – This is definitely one of the most dependable and winning Rihanna eye makeup styles of all times. The RiRi version goes bare on the lids, and calls for a relatively thick liquid line of black, winged out past her outer corner. It has a slight 60’s feel to it, but is kept current because of the added false lashes (this look particularly highlights the trend in celebrity false eyelashes made of authentic mink) and soft smoky taupe/gray under the lower lash line.

7. Girl-next-door – When she wants to turn on the soft-n-sweet, Rihanna adds some pastel colors to the mix. She lines her upper lid with black or brown, with a hint of a flick at the corners. On her lid she uses smokey pink/peach hues, matching girly pink or peach cheeks, and a shimmery, glossy lip to match. False eyelashes here are kept long and lovely (duplicating this, mink eyelashes full strips by Minki Lashes would be your best bet).

8. Blonde ambition – In 2012, RiRI went blonde-blonde! Rihanna eye makeup changed a bit to adopt this new hue by filtering in more bronzes, golds, browns and nudes. She often liked to keep her lids neutral, lining with black (including her waterline), with defined eyelashes, bronze cheeks, and pinky-brown lip gloss.

9. Fire-engine red – Another killer look for Rihanna came in 2011, during her cherry red hair phase. This took red to the max! Red hair, red lips, red/brown cheeks, and red smokey eye (yes, red). You could attempt this without the same shade hair, but this look is not for the meek!

10. Glitter liner – Often onstage and on the fashion red carpet, Rihanna will showcase different eyeliner styles on her sexy almond eye shape, and her penchant for glitter eyeliner is a stand-out! While she always seems to know how much will be too much and she will usually only line the top or bottom lashes with liquid glitter eyeliner, Rihanna eye makeup is often fearlessly bold. Check out her bright silver-white glitter eyeliner over a bright blue bottom line and super thick blue cat eye in outer top corner!

It would be very difficult to pick just one perfect Rihanna eye makeup look for your almond eye shape, when literally every time she steps out it’s something new and beautiful to behold. So, why chose just one? Get out there and start experimenting!


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