January 19, 2017
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Surgical Glue

Surgical Glue For False Eyelashes – Myths And Facts

One thing that you might come across on your quest to add drama to your everyday eye makeup and the creation of your very own bigger, longer, and fuller eyelashes are products labeled as surgical glue. This type of glue is found in both drugstore brands of lash glue (such as Duo surgical glue), as well as professional eyelash extensions adhesive. There are a lot of ways that these products can be tempting; however your best bet is to worry more about past successes, ingredient tolerance and level of effectiveness than witty packaging.   To help you sort out the myths and the facts, we’ve put together a list of the most common and the most misunderstood misconceptions about surgical glue!

Myth:  Surgical means it’s used in surgery.

Fact:  The next time you are at your doctor, let him or her know that you will forever be treating your surface lacerations and small wounds with false eyelash glue.  Perhaps you would also like to tell your physician that you are using body lotion as an ointment as well?  Just because surgical glue carries a medical sounding term doesn’t mean that it has a place in a hospital or on a surgeon’s table.  It’s adequate for its intended purpose which is to secure faux top and bottom lashes properly and firmly, but won’t ever be likely to replace Dermabond and other actual medical adhesives.

Myth:  Surgical glue won’t cause a reaction.

Fact:  There is no guarantee that any product will or will not cause a reaction in one person or another.  For some people, chemicals in cosmetics create little adverse affect, and for others, anything that isn’t organic and natural and they puff up like a balloon.  The truth is that the term “surgical” offers no protection against adverse reactions and considering that many brands of surgical glue for eyelashes contain formaldehyde and rubber latex (Duo), you certainly are not able to rule out an adverse reaction – particularly if you are normally sensitive anyways.

Myth:  Surgical glue must be safe because it sounds “medical-like.”

Fact:  Did you catch the word formaldehyde?  Of course there aren’t unsafe levels of this ominous sounding chemical in your bottle of false lash glue, however it is present in most brands  of surgical glue and in varying concentrations.  While it’s unfair to assume that the levels of formaldehyde are unsafe in one brand versus another, the assumption that there are no inherent risks to a formaldehyde containing product isn’t very smart either.

Myth:  Surgical glue works better because it is used in surgery and they would only use the best products.

Fact:  Surgical glue might very well be used in surgery (in fact, there are 5 types of medical grade adhesive that are commonly used in surgery – although none of them double as eyelash glue in their spare time) however what you are applying your high-end Minki Lashes falsies or cheap false eyelashes by Revlon or Eylure with is not surgical glue.  It’s simply quick and tight bonding glue that is either rubber latex based or shares similar ingredients to household super glue.  In fact, while very popular and touted to be very effective indeed for adhering mock celebrity false eyelashes, “surgical” eyelash glue is often not any more effective than the varieties that don’t carry this moniker.


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