December 16, 2017
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Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Tips For Applying Liquid Eyeliner To Top Lid With False Lashes

Liquid eyeliner can pack quite a punch to your eye makeup routine, especially when layered with the effect of false lashes by luxurious Minki Lashes. But, if you are unfamiliar with applying liquid eyeliner or you are hesitant because it looks difficult to do correctly, you might never get to experience the impact one little liquid line can make! There are so many different eyeliner styles, and so many techniques depending on the shape of your eye, it can be pretty daunting. But by just being familiar with some handy tips for applying liquid eyeliner, you’ll be able to rock the liner on your top lid with false lashes without any hesitation!

  1. Prime your eye – The first (and sometimes overlooked) step in applying liquid eyeliner is to prime your eyes! You will need not only an even canvas for the look, but you also want the look to stay the day. NOTE: popular options such as NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base and Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion should be avoided because of unhealthy cosmetic ingredients in them, but BareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer  is OK!
  2. Shadow – By now you already know, or will have researched, how to best work with your eye’s shape (and if you don’t know, go look! There are great articles right here at, our Facebook page to answer all your individual questions (yes, we actually provide customized styling help via Facebook wall!) , and hundreds of videos dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know regarding shape techniques). After the primer has dried, apply your shadows.
  3. Liner, Take One –Since this is where you probably get the most nervous, let’s take the “scary” out of things, shall we, with the following tips! You are going to draw your top lid line with either pencil or shadow first! You can smudge and smoke it out, or leave it solid. Either way, your next step is to trace right over it with the liquid. (Note: if you have hooded or small eyes, the thickness of the line may have to be lessened. Also take into consideration that in applying eyeliner for hooded eyes, you will want to keep your lid from folding over on itself until the liquid liner dries). For that most flattering “flick” or “wing,” stop the first line at the outer corner of your eye. Then, following an imaginary continuation of the lower lash line, draw in a short “flick.” This will elongate your eye and give it a lovely, cat-eye shape.
  4. Curl – One of the most often ignored yet one of the most crucial tips for applying liquid eyeliner or any other eye makeup product, and in making an eye look the best it can be, is the simple, unassuming heated eyelash curler. After you’re done applying liquid liner (first coat), you will need to curl using a technique of upward stroking, similar to applying mascara. Starting at the lash base, slowly move up the lash, and hold for 2 seconds particularly in the mid section of your lashes. This will create a graceful, upward curve in the lash that provides an “eye opening” effect.
  5. Mascara – To really make the most of this lash-focused look, it’s best to apply an eyelash primer, before mascara, to your natural lashes. You also want your own lashes to blend in with the false lashes, so opt for best lengthening mascara that is also natural and safe, in a very budget-friendly range: made in an FDA certified lab in the US, Rejuva Minerals Lengthening & Thickening Mineral Mascara is free from common irritants and toxins and a fantastic alternative to potentially allergenic drugstore options, for $8.50.
  6. False lashes – In reality, you might be as fearful about applying false lashes as you are about applying liquid eyeliner.  No need to fear, though. It just takes reading our tips and practice. And if that doesn’t work, try a false eyelash applicator by Minki Lashes (FREE shipping on all US & Canada orders only at, or Eylure Application Kit, $9.99,at In terms of false lashes, you can find some of the best fake lashes for every budget either by shopping in the beauty stores, drug stores, or online. (If you are feeling a little daring, Red Cherry eyelashes made of human hair, available online, have a full range of lashes, from natural all the way to glitter and rhinestone! They are a great one-stop-shop! And if you are in a luxurious type of mood and demand the highest quality available on the market, check out the authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink falsies by Minki Lashes).
  7. Applying liquid eyeliner, Take Two – Allow the false lash glue to fully dry (should now be clear). Since most lash strips are clear, and the glue also dries clear, you should still be able to see a good amount of the line you drew in earlier. Now you will essentially be “touching up” any blank or bare spots. You can also use the liquid eyeliner to “tightline” between lashes, which is one of the best yet least known secret tips to applying liquid eyeliner to top lid for a seamless blend with fake lashes. Back away from the makeup mirror, see look at the progress thus far, and make the initial line thicker if need be. False lashes by Minki Lashes are good to cover any number of flaws, so don’t be overly critical (unless you’re going to a professional modeling photo-shoot…in which case you should either A) already know how the process of applying liquid liner with false lashes, or B) have a professional makeup artist to do all this for you).

Yes, applying liquid eyeliner to top lid can be tricky. So can using false lashes. Applying both together? That throws many a well-meaning makeup-lover for a loop! But by just taking your time and following some simple tips, the process (and your finished look) will be flawless!


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