February 22, 2018
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Pigment Eyeshadow

What Is High Pigment Eyeshadow And How To Use It?

Walls of brightly colored little containers, glistening in the lights, beckoning you, calling your name… If you’ve ever walked into a MAC store and encountered the high pigment eyeshadow display wall, you know mesmerizing effect we are talking about. The only problem is, we may hear these little gems calling our names, but we’re not exactly sure how to answer them…or use them, for that matter! Pigments are bold, vibrant, glittering, gleaming…but how in the world does any of that translate to a colorful eye makeup look you can actually wear with or without your favorite Minki Lashes or lash extensions?


Pigment is loose and very concentrated powder shadow.  It is different from regular shadow in a few key ways. Obviously, there is a different consistency (which intimidates and frustrates some). With shadow, there is usually a need to layer in order to build color; high pigment eyeshadow is bold from the start. And lastly, pigment can be used in multiple ways, whereas shadow might have two (wet and dry, though wet application does not work with all regular shadows).


  • Metallic – perfect for creating a gilded bronze smokey eye look (E.L.F. Studio Golden Goddess)
  • Matte (Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeshadow)
  • Sparkle – Think: stunning silver eye makeup (Too Faced Glamour Dust Pigment in Nude Beam or E.L.F. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Naturally Nude)
  • Frost – Perhaps a nice metallic eyeshadow accented by a striking, summery color? (Mac Teal Pigment –not recommended due to harsh ingredients!)

HOW TO APPLY PIGMENT EYSHADOWS:                       

We’re not gonna lie. Using pigment eyeshadow as eyeshadow can be tricky and will require practice. So, first rule is to be patient with yourself. Second rule…don’t decide to start experimenting with pigment one hour before a big date. Now that we’ve got those out of the way, you can begin to learn how to work with high pigment.

  1. Start with a primer. This will be crucial to keep the pigment in place. Apply to entire lid.
  2. Using a flatter shadow brush (like a MAC 249 or a BareMinerals Full Tapered Shadow Brush).
  3. Gently tap some pigment into the cap.
  4. Holding the brush flat, press the brush into pigment eyeshadow in the cap, coating one side of the brush.
  5. Press the coated side gently onto the lid, starting from the outer corner and working inward toward the tear duct (stopping depending on the look you’re going for).
  6. The rest is up to you! Keep packing on pigment eyeshadow, or blend it out (a MAC 217 is great), or dip a smudge brush (like a Sephora Collection Classic Rounded Smudge Brush #12) into the cap and sweep some pigment under the eye…it’s up to you and your amazing new look!
  7. Add luxurious cruelty-free Siberian mink false lashes by Minki Lashes to make a real statement! Or, if on a budget, choose individual false eyelashes for a little extra oomph, or a full strip of lush human hair eyelashes. Either way, all eyes will be on your eyes.


  • As a highlighter (on cheeks, under brows, in the cupid’s bow, or down the bridge of your nose)
  • Add to nail polish! You can put some flecks of shimmer into a colored nail polish, or mix with a clear polish for a subtle new color all your own!
  • Mix with a clear or colored gloss on your lips
  • Use as a bold blush (careful not to overdo!)


Yes, pigment eyeshadow has opened up a whole new, vibrant world for cosmetics lovers! Don’t let the consistency scare you off. If it helps, think of it as regular shadow that’s been dropped (a few hundred times). However, just like with the rest of the cosmetics nowadays, there are real (low to severe) health risks involved when picking up the first pigment eyeshadow that you see on a drugstore shelf. So be careful when choosing the right brand as to avoid potentially dangerous cosmetic ingredients (from parabens to BHA and Petrolium distillates)! 

Based on ingredient safety ratings of Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and the Good Guide, you should avoid pigment shadows by brands such as Mac (well known for using a long list of harsh chemicals!) and NYX (uses mineral oil and parabens), Urban Decay Loose Pigment (contains parabens, mica and titanium dioxide), L’Oreal Hip High Intensity Pigments, and Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow (contains cancerous BHT).


The original creator of the MINKI LASHES E-MAGAZINE that covers everything from false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, eye makeup tips and ideas for all eye colors and eye shapes, to eye makeup product reviews and eye makeup ingredients safety. Your FAUX LASH AUTHORITY and founder of the soon-to-be-launched affordable luxury BRAND of cruelty-free 100% Siberian MINK LASHES and MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

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