August 5, 2020
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Hazel Eyes Makeup

10 Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Pop!

If you are lucky enough to have natural blonde hair and hazel eyes, you’ve no doubt been complimented a thousand times. If you haven’t received quite that many, or if you have “recently acquired” blonde locks and are not sure which makeup will work, your hazel eyes makeup routine might just need a little adjustment in order to really leave them raving! Read on for our 10 blonde hair hazel eyes makeup tips to make eyes pop!

  1. Clean the slate – Everyone seems to want makeup to make eyes look bigger, but not everyone knows that the best first step toward that goal is a clean canvas.  Make sure your eye area is clean. Apply an eye shadow primer to your entire lid, as well as under the lower lash line. Allow to dry before adding any additional products.
  2. Know your shape – In order to find the best hazel eyes makeup for you, we need to first assess your eye shape. This will dictate the most effective placement of any shadow and liner to follow. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to eye shape…but there is a right and wrong way to apply the shadow. Your goal is to absolutely make the most out of your particular shape.
  3. Know your best colors – Now for the fun part! Once you know the shape, you can move on to colors for your eye-popping hazel eyes makeup. Hazel eyes are so lovely, so many different specks and flecks of color make up the hazel eyes shade…and since they combine both green and brown, you can pull off complimentary colors from both those color families! Look for golds, bronzes, deep blues, purples, and plums to totally make your eyes pop. In particular, a bronze smokey eye is consistently breathtaking on hazel-eyed lovely ladies.
  4. Liner that adds punch – Since you now know your shape and complimentary color palette, you can move on to liner. Here too, your choices are fairly open, but do watch out for anything too dark. With your blonde hair, black liner can sometimes look too drastic and severe. Instead, opt for warm chocolate browns, navy blues, and even burgundy to make your eyes take center spotlight.
  5. Curl your lashes – Such a tiny thing…a mini eyelash curler or a heated curler… but oh, what a difference a curl makes! Before mascara (and false eyelashes if you use them), use the curler by starting at the base of the lashes. Hold for 2 seconds, then move up the lash shaft, stopping in the middle to gently squeeze for 2 seconds again. The emphasized and graceful curve will open up the look of the eye. Using an electric curler is much easier – use the same upward strokes as you would with a mascara, but in a slow motion!
  6. Emphasize your eyelashes – Often, natural blonde ladies will have lighter eyelashes, which can seem to disappear when they are left “au natural.” To correct this, non-toxic mascara works miracles. But again, blondes need to take care not to overwhelm their coloring with a dark black mascara. A light or medium brown mascara is best for hazel eyes makeup with blonde coloring.
  7. Add some false eyelashes – If you still crave eyelashes after mascara, then turn to some falsies (eyelashes, that is)! You can find options that will blend well with blonde coloring, ranging from inexpensive drugstore selections created by Ardell (human hair and synthetic fibers) and Eylure, all the way up to pricier high-end synthetics by Shu Uemura or much higher quality authentic mink eyelashes such as those by Minki Lashes, and even human hair eyelashes by BullsEye Lashes that are priced in-between. But why would you pay as much for Shu Uemura’s synthetics as for Minki Lashes’ luxurious and most natural-looking lash on the market?
  8. Add some shimmer – Hazel eyes often have flecks of gold throughout the iris, so naturally, a light, shimmery gold placed in and near the tear duct will brighten and enhance any hazel eyes makeup.
  9. Amp up those brows – Again, natural blondes run the risk of light eyebrows disappearing into their complexions. If you doubt the impact eyebrows can have, Google photoshopped images of celebrities without eyebrows. Trust us, you will never take eyebrows for granted again! Eyebrows frame your face and anchor any makeup look, so if yours are too light, you should be using a slightly darker shade of blonde eyebrow pencil. We like Annabelle’s Skinny Brow Liner in Universal light or medium because it blends very nicely with your natural brow hairs (depending on your natural color). If you would like something a little more long-lasting, there are many salon services or at home kits for tinting eyebrows.
  10. Nude your lips – Very simply, if you want more attention on your eyes with your blonde hair hazel eyes makeup, make sure you keep your lips nude and shimmery. It sounds too good to be true, but it works every time.

Blonde hair and hazel eyes can be a mesmerizing combination…but if you’re not capitalizing on it, all that beauty goes to waste. Whether you feel more comfortable in minimal makeup, a full face, or anything in between, there are countless ways you can create a hazel eyes makeup look that will make the most of what ya got!


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