January 17, 2021
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Professional Eyelash Extensions

10 Facts About Professional Glue For Eyelash Extensions

Probably the biggest concern surrounding professional eyelash extensions is the composition of the glue that is used.  And, while most reputable salons are more than happy to address your concerns about their products, people electing for home application or smaller, unprepared salons for their new fringe might be missing out on some important facts about this permanent adhesive!

  1. The time has come:  The saddest part of course of lash extending is the time when the beautiful professional eyelash extensions that you paid to have applied start to fall out.  There is a right way and a wrong way for this to occur.  The glue that adheres the extension to the lash is made to keep it on there until the natural lash sheds.  If the extension falls off prior to this, there might be a problem with the installation (no proper glue “curing” method or inexperienced hand) or maintenance of your lashes or the type of glue used. Some less “permanent” eyelash extension adhesives designed for sensitive or allergic eyes, such as Advanced Adhesive by Blink  has weak bonding that lasts between 1 and 3 weeks only and dries slowly (10-20 seconds). Other adhesives are actually meant to last for up to 6 weeks, so ask your pro lasher which type she is using!
  2. It Cures, Doesn’t Dry! Curious fact: in the professional eyelash extensions world, the permanent glue doesn’t just “dry” (air causes the professional glue to dry), but rather “cures” i.e. reaches its full bonding strength when it comes in contact with the human eyelash and draws moisture from the air. 
  3.  Perma-Bonding:  DO NOT pull or tag your lashes.  This ain’t your regular Duo eyelash glue. According to Xtreme Lashes, a very well known producer of synthetic and faux mink lashes, getting professional eyelash extensions off yourself without the skill of a qualified individual without causing damage to your own natural lashes is next to impossible!
  4. Unsafe Glue?  Chances are that if you are having mink eyelash extensions applied for hundreds of dollars at a reputable boutique that you are being pampered with some of the best products that money can buy.  However, penny pinching salons that are smaller and less well versed in the art of faux, mink or silk lashes may not understand that some glues that come from other countries (particularly those produced in and around Asia) are not approved by the FDA and may contain cancerous chemicals like formaldehyde. Just because a permanent adhesive is sold by a popular brand such as Novalash (rubbery texture and frequent reports of allergic reactions by certified lash stylists), for instance, doesn’t mean that it’s hypoallergenic. Salons are required to be able to tell you (and to do so) what ingredients are in the products that they are using, but unfortunately most simply are not aware and never took the interest, which is a concern.  Some popular glues that are used for professional eyelash extensions in salons across the country contain hazardous ingredients, some of which Skin Deep Cosmetic Database deems potentially dangerous!  Remember, any salon that won’t disclose product ingredients is not one that you want to be a patron of!
  5. Smelly!  There’s just no way around it, whether you are dealing with medical grade surgical glue or more gentle products purportedly designed for sensitive eyes, you are going to smell it!  And, you are going to smell it for about 2 hours!  Some people have issues with the odors from the professional glue and experience tearing and irritation, although this is normally short lived following the procedure.
  6. Humidity! This may be surprising, but seasoned eyelash stylists use a little trick called “humidifier” to create an environment that would help them lash faster. With relative humidity set to 50-55% (ideally), the professional eyelash extensions glue will stick to the natural lashes faster.  In fact, when the air is dry(er), your mink lash extensions will just slide around and take longer to stick, hence making it harder for your lash stylist to perform the perfect application of semi permanent lashes that you desire. 
  7. You’re staying dirty:  Oh, the technician who applied them forgot to tell you?  Sure, that glue they used on your professional eyelash extensions bonds fast and holds tight, however you aren’t going to be showering for 24-48 hours afterwards while it’s curing, so find a book to read or a movie to watch!
  8. You’re buying new makeup:  You don’t have to get crazy and rush out and buy all new party eye makeup necessarily; however you may have to toss out your mascara.  Only those that are not oil based are safe for use on professional eyelash extensions. This is because varieties that don’t meet this criteria can break down the glue that is holding those babies on, so think about all that money you spent and remember that one new bottle of water based mascara purchased from your salon is probably money well spent. Remember, however, that using mascara with delicate authentic mink lash extensions is a no-no!
  9. Skip the remover: You should never try to remove professional eyelash extensions yourself at home.  After paying all that money to a technician to apply, save your natural lashes and don’t risk them by doing it yourself.  If you insist on trying to eliminate or break down the glue that is holding your top or bottom lashes on, consider steaming and coconut or olive oils instead.  But, follow directions specifically to avoid damage!  And, skip the store bought removers, not only are they often ineffective, many of them reportedly are a big problem in the toxic ingredient department.
  10. Recalls!  Just like car seats and soda pop, the cosmetics industry has its share of product recalls.  In fact, glues are pulled here and there based on toxicity and ingredients from time to time.  As such, cross reference your salon’s used glue to make sure it’s not residual stock from a potentially recalled lot of glue that might be being pulled because of health concerns or even contamination!


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    Your accurate on eyelash extensions and I thank you for that.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so happy to have you as our reader :). Lets stay in touch! 🙂

  2. Love your article and post the fact of lashes extension. It’s very true.

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