January 17, 2021
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Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

10 Makeup Tips For Hazel Green Eyes And Brown Hair Olive Skin

If you’ve been blessed with hazel green eyes, brown hair, and an olive skin tone, you probably don’t have to do a whole heck of a lot for your natural beauty to make a statement. But there are still some key makeup tips for hazel eyes that are worth trying in order to give Mother Nature more bang for her buck!

  1. Primer – Instead of a matte eyelid primer, why not try one with a subtle shimmer of gold flecks? Even as a base under shadow, it will enhance the gold flecks already present in your eyes.
  2. Conceal – Don’t think that by using the lightest color concealer you can find that you are camouflaging under eye darkness. You might actually be making it look worse! One of the most simple makeup tips for hazel eyes is to eliminate any distractions caused by redness, ruddiness, or dark circles around and under your eyes. Keep in mind, each of those require a slightly different cover-up/primer.  For dark circles: use a yellow-based creamy concealer. For redness:  dab on a green-tinted primer, blend well, and follow with regular concealer or foundation. For ruddiness/sallowness: dab on a lavender-tinted primer, blend, and follow with concealer or foundation.
  3. Know your colors – The colors you like and the colors that actually work best with your hazel green eyes might be two very different things, so take a look at the color wheel to see what best contrasts and compliments your shade. Most hazel/green eye makeup includes shades of browns, greens, golds, and purples.  For daring looks, try violet or teal eyeshadow. Eggplant, brown, and navy blue eyeliners are striking as well.
  4. Know your shape – Another one of the most basic makeup tips for hazel eyes is to know the shape of your eye, before you wander too far into the land of liner and shadow. Round, deep set, small, wide set, protruding, hooded, Asian, almond…they all require slightly different placement of products.   While the wrong placement might not look like a complete train wreck, it sure isn’t elevating your assets to their highest level.
  5. Contour and blend – If you’re just slapping on one shade of eye shadow and calling it a day, well, you’re definitely missing out on the miracles of makeup tips for hazel eyes! Contour requires at least two shades to create contrast, and that contrast can add or decrease length, add or decrease depth, and play up or camouflage shape. But those magical outcomes also require blending. Never leave shadow unblended, even if you are wearing only one shade (blend out, leaving the highest concentration of the product at your lash line).
  6. Brows that wow – You could have the most amazing hazel eyes and brown hair and olive skin in the history of the world, but if you are neglecting your brows, they come across as only mediocre, at best. We’re not saying you have to paint them on or thickly pencil them in; the best eyebrow makeup is that which you don’t see. It’s simple: If your eyebrows are sparse, use pencil or powder to fill them in, blend with a clean mascara wand to soften the effect. If your eyebrows are too thick, consider getting them professionally shaped (so you will know the shape you will be aiming to maintain). Tweeze and trim for maintenance.
  7. Highlight – Whether applying a soft, muted eye makeup for day, or gleaming party eye makeup for nighttime, you will want to use some sort of highlighter under your brow (along the brow bone) and in your tear duct area. This is one of the most effective yet often ignored makeup tips for hazel eyes!
  8. Curl! – Another of the most basic makeup tips for hazel eyes, or any eye color, is to always take a few seconds to curl your lashes! It will completely open the look of your eye. Any curler will do. Gently press down for two seconds and release.
  9. Mascara – To get the most out of your natural lashes, try applying an eyelash primer after curling. It will turn any mascara into the best thickening mascara you’ve ever seen! Skip potentially dangerous drugstore mascaras and opt for safer organic options!
  10. Lush lashes – Cheap fake eyelashes will most likely look like exactly that. For a bit more, you can invest in the ultimate, natural and beautiful mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes. By following a few easy-care fake eyelashes tips, you can wear them again and again…and look gorgeous every time!

Makeup tips for hazel eyes (on the green side) and brown hair and olive skin don’t have to be complicated or fraught with expense, mishaps, or risk of bodily harm. The only real secret to making your look work is confidence!


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