February 26, 2021
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Smokey Eye Make Up

10 Smokey Eye Make Up Tips For Almond Shaped Eyes

These days, you can’t open a magazine or watch a beauty show without hearing the term “smokey eye make up.” It has become an indispensable technique, able to be tailored to fit and compliment any wardrobe, eye color, or eye shape.  Yet, many people with an almond eye shape find it challenging to get the look just right. Actually, almond-shaped eyes are one of the most common types, and are known universally as the “most ideal” shape…so, in short, if you have almond-shaped eyes, you’ve won the eye-shape lottery (if there was such a thing)! And using our smokey eye make up tips and techniques can really help enhance and highlight one of your most attention-getting features, so read on!

1. Choose natural products – When you consider that almost 60% of what we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream, it’s so important to look for the terms “natural” and “organic” whenever possible. Paraben-free cosmetics are your friends; that means there are no unnecessary preservatives being put into your makeup (and onto your fragile eyelid skin). Always refer to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (free online) to check the ingredient safety ratings of the make up products you are planning to purchase or already have.

2. Prime the lid – Primer is key to any successful makeup look, regardless of eye shape, but it especially crucial when trying to achieve a smokey eye make up effect. With summer quickly approaching, your shadow and eyeliner will need a solid, adhesive base to not only add vibrancy to the colors, but durability to your makeup look, overall.

3. Dark shadow placement – Since almond-shaped eyes are very symmetrical, you have a couple of placement options. For an extreme smoked-out style, take the darkest shadow shade of the palette you are working with, and apply all over lid, from lash line to crease. For a more subtly smoky eye make up look, we recommend applying eyeshadow in your medium shade (see step #3 below) from lash line to crease, then applying the darkest shadow in the outer V shape (along lash line to outer corner, then from corner to middle of the eye through the crease). And in order to get the most “bang for your buck” with a smokey eye, you could use a pure pigment eyeshadow, or shadows that are highly pigmented (color that transfers boldly and truly to your eye), but beware that because of the color intensity, their ingredients may be more allergenic than the regular kind of eyeshadows.

4. Medium shadow placement – Because of the versatility of your eye shape, the medium shade can be applied in two ways. For the extreme smokey eye make up style, run the medium shade above the darkened lid, all along the crease, but not too high onto the brow bone. For a more subtle eye, the medium shade should be applied the inner two-thirds of the eye lid (with the darkest shade in the outer V).

5. Light shadow placement –If you’ve opted for a more subtle smokey eye make up style, you will be applying the lightest shade of your palette on the inner third of your lid. For highlight, sweep a very light pearlescent or shimmery color on your tear duct area and along the underside of the brow. This will help to illuminate your eyes (also helps to make you appear more awake).

6. Blend (then blend some more)! You cannot have a true smokey eye without blending…period. Whether going bold or subtle with the “smoke,” the colors should blend into each other seamlessly. You will essentially be creating an “ombre” effect, and therefore, we can’t have any harsh or distinct lines visible with the shadows.

7. Liner – Liner helps to focus and define your almond shaped eyes, especially with smokey eye make up. Using a black kohl pencil, smudge a fairly thick line along the upper eyelashes, getting wider at the outer corner. Also smudge the line along the outer third of your bottom eyelashes (for an extreme smoked-out look, run the pencil the entire length of the bottom lash line, smudge well, and also line the upper and lower inner rims of your eyes).

8. Mascara – Of course you know how to put on mascara by now, and that’s good, because it is critical for this particular look. One coat for this step should do it.

9. Extra lashes for that WOW factor! To make the most of your smoky eye make up, add false eyelashes to either the entire upper lash line, or just the outer third. (For the most amazing looking lashes ever, opt for mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes in 10 awesome styles!)

10. Brows – Nothing polishes off the perfect smoky eye like well-shaped, well-defined brows. You will find no shortage of eyebrow pencils to choose from, but try to match your natural color.

Now step back and be amazed at how gorgeous and mesmerizing those eyes of yours are thanks to our tips! It’s guaranteed that the smokey eye make up will be a hit, day or night. Once you’ve gotten more confident with the application and the basics, you can experiment with different palettes and intensities, making each look distinctly your own!


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