September 23, 2020
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Human Hair Eyelashes

100% Human Hair Eyelashes Vs Siberian Mink For Thickness

Both 100% human hair eyelashes and minks are popular among false eyelashes and eyelash extensions wearers. Most notably, this is due to the incredibly natural look afforded by both types. Irregularities that are found in the hairs that are made by mother nature and not able to be replicated with synthetic materials provide this unique look. In terms of which one provides thicker lashes however, it’s sort of a toss up, with neither being significantly thicker than your own natural top or bottom lashes.

Yes, its true that both Siberian mink lash extensions or strip false eyelashes (such as those by luxurious and cruelty-free Minki Lashes brand), and those made from human hair are of a similar thickness except for the tips. 

Mink falsies have naturally tapered tips like any animal fur hair does, identical to an actual human eyelash shape, while 100% human hair type is virtually the same thickness throughout because of the way the hair is cut into short pieces for assembly. However, human hair eyelashes are typically slightly thicker than mink because they are commonly made of thicker Indonesian hair, which is naturally more coarse and full.

Interestingly enough, the thinness of the Minki Lashes’ Siberian mink fur is one quality that adds to its appeal. The thinness of genuine minks affords wearers and feathery and fluttery appearance that is unmatched by synthetics, silks, and even human hair eyelashes drugstore brands like Red Cherry Eyelashes and some Ardell lashes, which often look false and glossy instead of full, long and natural.

But, there is a clear winner between the two in terms of thickness even though the hairs are of similar circumference. Human hair eyelashes essentially respond to mascara in the same way that your own natural eyelashes do. What sets Siberian mink lashes apart is their unparalleled softness and the ultra natural appearance that cannot be imitated by any other material. Since many of the best thickening mascara products are oil based and not suitable for extensions and strip lashes because the oil in the products can sever the bond of the adhesive to the natural lash or the lash line, water based mascaras must be used instead. While most eyelash technicians would scream in horror at the thought of applying mascara to a set of minks, those wishing to add thickness may find that the results of applying water based mascara are more appealing on genuine mink eyelashes over human hair eyelashes due to their textural differences. And, that adding thickness in this manner looks better on genuine minks than their human hair counterparts.

In terms of thickness, there is only a slight difference between Siberian mink lashes and 100% human hair eyelashes, although it is worth noting that there are often subtle variances in thickness for both naturally derived products. But, those looking to accentuate the perfect eye makeup with a set of extensions or strip eyelashes will find that the versatility found with mink lashes is unparalleled, and that they transition easily from high drama evening looks to daytime, grocery shopping natural appeal.

Because of the incredibly thin nature of the lashes, if thickness is something that is desired, a more abundant and more pronounced set of Siberian mink lashes by Minki Lashes should be considered. Adding in extra eyelashes makes up in leaps and bounds for their thinness, and if using mascara is undesirable, adding in more lashes in a strip style method at onset can balance out the look for a fuller and thicker lash line. But, if a natural and everyday look is desired, consider instead a regular set that can be accentuated with water based mascara for a temporary thicker and fuller look.


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