August 5, 2020
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Welcome to MinkiLashes.Org,  your ultimate destination for eye makeup and false eyelashes inspiration!

It all started with a girl who loved to beautify herself but had developed sensitive skin and was extremely frustrated by the lack of easily accessible makeup product safety reviews, and by a multitude of cookie-cutter eye makeup tips and tutorials that promoted overly marketed and dangerous for health makeup brands. She found inspiration from speaking to other health-conscious females like herself, and made it her mission to create the most comprehensive eye makeup e-magazine in North America that would not only provide fun and useful false eyelashes and eye makeup tips, tutorials, and reviews, but would also serve as a reliable guide for product ingredient safety.

ValeriaMinki Lashes Valeria
With years of medical and cosmetics safety research under her belt, Valeria is on her way to building a virtual community of stronger, and positively reinvented health-conscious females who are no longer satisfied with our governments’ lack of legislation with respect to safety of chemical ingredients in makeup.

My goal is to create a personalized virtual experience for our Minki Lashes readers that makes them feel like they have their own FREE  makeup artist and non toxic makeup adviser at their disposal 24/7.  Whether you are on a hunt for the best organic mascara or eye shadow on the market, debating whether you should get faux or real mink lashes, would like some cute eye makeup ideas for your deep-set small eyes, or need advice on which eyelash glue to avoid, Minki Lashes has you covered!

Minki Lashes is your one-stop go-to resource for everything related to eye makeup ideas and products for every eye color and shape, and faux lashes and eyelash extensions. Being the founder of the soon-to-be-launched brand of the most luxurious and natural-looking false eyelashes made of luxurious cruelty-free Siberian mink, Valeria brings to her readers her expertise in the area of fake lashes and professional salon lash extensions, as well as lash-related products such as eyelash adhesives. Complimented by pops of outgoing and fun personality, she wants to become your go-to-girlfriend when you  need eye makeup-related advice.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our unique collection of carefully researched articles, don’t be shy and stop by our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, and feel free to ask a question.

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