January 17, 2021
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Eyelash Extensions Glue

Allergy To Eyelash Extensions Glue – Try Another Brand Or Not?

Most people don’t have any reaction to the actual eyelash extensions being gently applied to the tips of their own natural individual eyelashes. They never touch human skin and are sterile and devoid of contaminants. Even mink eyelashes, often targeted for causing a reaction due to their natural source are not responsible for irritation following extension application. These naturally and gently harvested cruelty free fur lashes are also sterilized before application. However, eyelash extensions glue has caused more than its fair share of problems in dissatisfied customers. Everything from the glue itself to the fumes resulting during application has been blamed for irritation, swelling and even infection following application from even the most well trained technicians.

One of the most important parts of lash extension training is eye safety which includes not carelessly poking clients of course, but also keeping eyelash extensions glue well away from the eyes and the sensitive skin surrounding them. This is because most formulations commonly a part of eyelash extensions supplies include formaldehyde, a component not added directly to the mix, but a byproduct of chemical reactions occurring therein. Typically, it’s found in some concentration in virtually all types of eyelash extensions glue. This means that someone who is sensitive to one may be sensitive to another. But, this is not always the case. 

In fact, the pros agree that there are different levels of allergy reaction encountered in customers depending on which glue is used. And, some pros have found that switching glues can have a very positive effect on reducing problematic symptoms in clients, therefore preventing the need for removing eyelash extensions immediately following application due to a negative reaction.

So, in short, it’s very worthwhile to try an alternative eyelash extensions glue if one doesn’t work well without causing allergy or irritation, there just may be a better product better suited to your special eyes. Some salons even offer sensitive glue formulations for application of synthetic, mink or silk lashes, which can provide a more gentle hold, although not always as long lasting. Always ask your lash technician what type and brand of glue the salon is using, as well as its ingredient list that you can then check with Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (you will need to check ingredients one by one since the database does not yet have full professional eyelash extensions glue listings) for ingredient safety. Note that many “budget” salons purchase cheap glue online from Asian suppliers that are notorious for using harsh cancerous and allergy-inducing cosmetic ingredients. So asking the right questions and doing your research before committing to a questionable extension application service will reduce your chance of getting an allergy.

Sometimes, shockingly enough, it’s not the eyelash adhesive causing the reaction at all, but merely some weird anomaly occurring from the pads used under the eyes or other supplies that aren’t often thought of as causing an allergy. Therefore, if negative reactions are encountered even after switching to another brand of eyelash extensions glue, if irritation is still present, it’s worthwhile to evaluate if something else might be responsible. However, the fact remains that those with a known sensitivity to cosmetic ingredients or those who commonly are required to wear organic or hypoallergenic makeup to avoid allergy reactions may still be more susceptible to irritation from lash adhesive, even if a more sensitive formulation is selected.

Unfortunately, the case is sometimes that a reaction to eyelash extensions glue may make getting the lash enhancements challenging. However, given the allure of extensions and their ability to enhance everything from big asian eyes to small and deep set almonds, they are incredibly desirable. However, if the need for that perfect look to complement big or small eyes makeup looks is too hard to resist, but glue allergy is getting in the way, find a salon that offers sensitive based glues or understands an existing sensitivity to see if there are other alternatives that might make extension wearing both safe and possible for those with a history of glue reaction.


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