November 25, 2020
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Applying Mascara

Applying Mascara Tips And Tricks For False Eyelashes

You’re probably pretty comfortable applying mascara. Let’s face it, you’ve known how to use mascara for years now, right? But as you’ve gotten more comfortable with makeup, and you’ve expanded your makeup horizons (hello false eyelashes and liquid liner!), you might get a bit overwhelmed when all those makeup techniques intersect. What about using mascara with false eyelashes? What about applying mascara on false eyelashes? Can you even use mascara with false eyelashes, especially those made of authentic mink by Minki Lashes? Luckily, we have the some of the best tips and tricks for beginners right here!

  1. Gather your tools first – The last thing you need when creating a totally amazing eye makeup look is to have to fumble around for glue, lashes, tweezers and/or toothpicks, or scissors right at the crucial moment! It doesn’t matter if you are using pricier mink eyelashes such as those by a luxury brand Minki Lashes, or drug store beauties you found on sale…when it comes to adding false lashes to your makeup routine, it pays to be prepared.
  2. Start with a clean slate – Make sure that all face lotions, eye creams, and old makeup residue is removed from the eyelashes and the eye area. Whether applying applying mascara alone, or adding extra lashes, if there is any greasiness, your products will have a problem going the distance for you!
  3. Follow the natural order of things – Long before your awaited step of applying mascara, prime the lid and allow to dry (to help the shadow and liner last longer), apply shadow (suited to whichever look you are aiming for), and finally, line eyes. There are two schools of thought when it comes to lining before or after eyelashes. One says that applying eyeliner first will weaken the bond of the lash glue to your eye, allowing it to peel off. The second opinion maintains that eyeliner beforehand helps to give the falsies a “fuller” effect at the lash line, to which you can always add more liner after the eyelashes are dried as well. The fact is, lash glue is some pretty tough stuff (depending on the brand), so a little liner shouldn’t affect the performance too much but will help visually close in the gap between your own lash line and the falsies. The best tip, though, is the one that works for you…so feel free to experiment (use the cheaper eyelashes first before switching to the more luxurious Minki Lashes in cruelty-free mink)!
  4. Curl those girls! – We are so close to the stage of applying mascara, but this step is one of the most critical tricks and cannot be skipped! Nothing takes your eyelashes from zero to 10 faster than curling! Curling eyelashes opens up the look of the eye, and makes an immediate and noticeable difference. We recommend using an electric heated curler versus a conventional metal clamp because it is not only easier to use (just like mascara) but will eliminate the risk of lash breakage.
  5. Picking the right mascara – One of the most important for your own well-being and least often emphasized tips when it comes to choosing and applying mascara is picking the right kind. With so many harmful and toxic chemicals floating around our personal care products and cosmetics, it is more crucial than ever to buy hypoallergenic, paraben-free and organic mascaras. Check out our list of safer options here.
  6. Applying mascara time – Here’s the big tip to remember:
    Applying mascara onto your false lashes will reduce their usage – you may not be able to wear them more than a few times, especially those made of authentic mink fur such as by Minki Lashes.
     So, that is not to say you can’t apply mascara to your faux lashes…merely that you shouldn’t. Not only that, but generally, you don’t need to.  One to two coats of mascara on your own curled eyelashes will help to bulk them up and allow them to blend in with the falsies when they are applied. If you do feel like applying mascara to the false eyelashes, though, now would be that time.
  7. Pick your lashes – So many choices! Silk lashes, human hair eyelashes, mink lashes, partial accent lashes, individual lashes… it is safe to say that there is a lash for every mood under the sun. Remember, if you are using full lash strips, place them on your eyes to size them before you get to the glue application! If trimming is needed, trim the inner corner of the eyelashes (not the outer, longer eyelashes). If it’s ease of use you’re looking for, individual lashes are the way to go. Learning how to apply individual lashes is a fast, simple process but requires a bit of precision and patience during the very first application…
  8. Place your eyelashes – Once the lash has been sized (if necessary), apply a tiny line of glue to the seam. Allow glue to get slightly tacky. Then, looking down in to a mirror, place middle part of lash strip on the middle of your lash line first, then press down the outer corners. Lightly continue to press the sections until the glue has set (it should be clear). If you want to add more liner (liquid or gel usually works best at this stage), now’s the time to do it. To facilitate the lash application process, we suggest using Minki Lashes’ own lash applicator that is perfect for beginners as it helps to place the lash quickly and seamlessly onto your lash line, and shift it if necessary.

And voila! Perfectly blended faux eyelashes; with or without applying mascara. If this sounds like too much work, or if all else fails, consider mink eyelash extensions applied at your local beauty salon by a qualified technician! They last up to three months (but you will need to ask for tips on using mascara for eyelash extensions). In the end, applying mascara and eyelashes shouldn’t be a chore or a test of skill. With enough practice, adding those extra eyelashes will be like second nature!


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