June 1, 2020
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Eyelash Extensions Safe

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe For Sensitive Eyes?

People with sensitive eyes know how demanding they can be.  Spending extra money on mascara for sensitive eyes and even changing contact solutions can be a bear.  Thankfully nowadays, many hypoallergenic makeup brands are available that can make shopping for cosmetics easier, but there is one area that you might still be wondering about if you have sensitive eyes and that is false lash enhancers, and whether or not they are safe for your sensitive peepers.  Given the lack of regulation concerning chemicals in cosmetics (don’t be fooled into thinking that FDA or Health Canada have you covered for cosmetics safety!), you have every right to be concerned, but, if you’re wondering are eyelash extensions safe, set your mind at ease because you have nothing to worry about…as long as you do your homework and know what to look for and what to avoid!

Most people asking ‘are eyelash extensions safe?’ have never had them, and therefore don’t understand how they work.  In fact, if they did, they probably wouldn’t be asking are eyelash extensions safe in the first place.  Consider the method of application:  A certified trained technician applies individual (that’s right, individual) single lashes made of authentic or faux mink, silk or synthetics, one at a time.  Using permanent adhesive, they are attached to the outer 1/3 of the lash, sometimes multiple ones to each natural lash for a fuller and more glamorous look.  These professional eyelash extensions will last until they fall out naturally from new growth, and they will stay on as long as the natural lash that they are attached to does.

After that explanation, are you still wondering “are eyelash extensions safe?”.  The glue is applied to a single lash over and over, and doesn’t come into contact with your skin, unless your lash technician is inexperienced, which is possible when you get your mink extensions applied at a questionable salon that specializes in nail services, or if it’s a newly certified lash technician.  

Otherwise, whether you had a $500 set of the best eyelash extensions made of authentic mink in the Big City applied or a discount bargain set made of cheaper synthetics at your local salon, you are unlikely to experience any irritation because of eyelash extension glue because it is simply not coming into contact with anything that it can irritate. If…the glue used is safe.

Yes, glue matters big time for those with sensitive eyes.

Don’t be deceived by false marketing tricks or inexperienced lash technicians claiming that a professional eyelash extensions glue is surgical or medical grade, or even approved by FDA or Health Canada.
No eyelash glue has ever been approved or restricted (or simply put, regulated!) by the government, except for certain levels of chemicals in cosmetics (for example, cancerous formaldehyde is acceptable at under 2% content). And most cheap Chinese eyelash glues are made in the same facilities as automotive adhesives. Even some popular lash extension glues such as by Novalash (as per real lash technicians’ reviews) are more prone to cause allergic reactions than others. Some high quality salons with great reputation who have been doing mink eyelash extensions for over 5 years would likely tell you that reactions are generally extremely rare, some even report as little as 10 allergic reactions out of 3000 clients….

Furthermore, remember as well that makeup is very important and if you aren’t using the right makeup or using one that causes you to constantly be messing with your eyes, you might want to consider changing brands to something that will keep your fingers away from your peepers.

Now, there are some times that you yourself can be to blame for sensitivity from extensions.  Frequent itching, rubbing and bothering of the eyes can not only rip off your new fringe but transfer glue and other nasties into your eyeballs, which can frankly cause irritation in people who don’t have notoriously sensitive eyes.  You have to take care of your eyes whether they are sensitive or not.  So, instead of asking are eyelash extensions safe, maybe you should instead be asking if you are prepared to care for them.  Neglect and poor hygiene can create sensitivity and irritation in just about anyone, so make sure that you understand the care and commitment involved with your new mink eyelash extensions and if you still have questions, it’s best to talk to a certified technician and ask whether eyelash extensions are safe for you.


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