September 21, 2020
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Best Mascara Ever

Are Risky Chemicals In Best Mascara Ever From Drugstore Worth It?

Whether you are just learning how to use mascara or are a seasoned pro in cosmetic purchasing, chances are at some point you’ll be headed to the drugstore for a bottle of lash enhancer.  And, you will have a large variety of products to choose from all claiming to be the best mascara ever. Everything from volumizing mascara to further enhace a pair of your natural looking false eyelashes to waterproof mascara can be found on a trip to the drugstore and the choice can be overwhelming.  Finding something that is effective and within your budget is difficult enough, but there may be another component you haven’t considered in your search for the best mascara ever, and that is mascara ingredients.

Sure, there are organic options and those touted to be all natural and of course hypoallergenic makeup brands that purportedly can make the wearer less susceptible to adverse reactions.  But, all of these marketing buzz words can be confusing, and with organic and natural products omitted, there are many chemicals in cosmetics from the drugstore that you should be concerned about before you elect to not pay the extra money for an organic option.

Even a bottle of the best mascara ever can contain harsh ingredients, and one of the most common is parabens.  On the back of that bottle of the best mascara ever, you will want to look for words like probylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.  You may not know what these words mean, but the all belong to a family of preservatives known as parabens.  Not only can these risky chemicals cause irritation in some users (which is odd since hypoallergenic brands like Almay also use them) there is also mounting evidence to suggest that they can disturb the endocrine system in humans, and that is a health risk you may not want to take simply for a bottle of the best mascara ever.

Another ingredient that you’ll want to be on the lookout for when perusing the drugstore for a bottle of the best mascara ever is BHT.  While it’s only rated as a “6” (moderate hazard) on the Skin Deep health hazard scale, its being investigated for its purported carcinogenic properties and is considered not only an allergen, but a potential toxic ingredient as well.

BHA, is a toxin found in CoverGirl Professional Waterproof mascara (and other mascaras), is much more dangerous than BHT, with a risk score of 9 out of 10.
BHA, is a toxin found in CoverGirl Professional Waterproof mascara (and other mascaras), is much more dangerous than BHT, with a risk score of 9 out of 10. It is known to cause allergies  and potential disruptions to the endocrine system, in addition to being toxic to both ecology and non-reproductive organs. Still think the over-hyped best mascara ever from your drugstore worth the risk? Keep reading!

Petrolium distillates, commonly used by 2 of your favorite mascara drugstore brands – Cover Girl and Maybelline, are cosmetics ingredients that are derived from petroleum and produced in the same facilities as auto fuel and heating oil.
They may cause contact dermatitis (eczema) and have potential cancer-related concerns due to contamination with impurities that are known to cause cancer.

CoverGirl Lash Extract, Lash Blast 24 hr Mascara, and Lash Blast Volume mascaras all contain petrolium distillates, in addition to parabens and other risky chemicals. Over-marketed as the best mascara ever from drugstore, the well-known Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof mascara is also filled with these harmful ingredients, so do Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof and Full’N Soft Waterproof mascaras.

Because of the health risks associated with the ingredients used in some of the most top rated mascara, you’ll want to carefully evaluate how knowing about these types of formulas can affect your health before you buy them. And, because the cosmetics industry is regulated so differently from the food industry (in fact, if you think that FDA has you covered for makeup safety, think again!), it’s not uncommon for risky chemicals like these found in some of the best mascara ever options listed above to be very frequently found in a wide variety of cosmetics.  While most dangerous compounds found in makeup are generally considered safe as long as they are used correctly, the risk of health concerns should make you think more about organic products.  While they were once harder to find and not very wallet friendly, today there are a tremendous variety of natural and organic products that you can consider to reduce your overall health risk from cosmetics use. Read Minki Lashes e-magazine for more makeup chemicals safety information. Flawless makeup starts with healthy skin and body!


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