May 11, 2021
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Best Almond Eye Shape Makeup Tips From Celebrities

Sometimes it’s tempting to look through the beauty magazines and try to recreate the best makeup looks from your favorite celebrities. If a look doesn’t come off quite right, it may not be because you applied it incorrectly…it may just be because your chosen celeb has a different eye shape from you. The good news is that you can pull off a similar style, just by using different placement of your makeup. For those of us with an almond eye shape, we’re in luck! Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Megan Fox each showcase killer eye makeup looks on their almond eye shape every time they make the news, it seems. Well, now you can too. You just need to know the following best application tips and tricks for applying eye shadow and eyeliner that make the most of your natural attributes!

Angelina Jolie – Her beauty is undeniable, and her eye makeup never appears as overdone. So how does she do it? The Angelina Jolie eye shape is almond, and slightly up-turned. Her best and most used style is the sultry cat eye, with a smokey twist every now and then (like in the movie  “The Tourist”).

1. Define the brows – Angelina’s brows are well pronounced, but not overpowering. They are always perfectly groomed, and her dramatic arch is always clearly defined.
2. Keep the eyelid color neutral – Her almond eye shape is almost always kept pale and matte. If there is any dark shadow applied, it is generally very subtle through her crease and over her eyeliner (used to soften the look of the cat eye).
3. Add liquid or gel liner – Angie loves her some liquid eyeliner! Even on days she is snapped with next-to-no makeup on, her cat eye is ever-present. And the thickness of her line, as well as the “wing”, is always consistent. Thinner at the inner corner, thicker at the outer corner, and never winged out too far past her eyelashes, she manages to extend the look of her eye subtly and seductively…all at the same time.

Rihanna – Now, trying to define “Rihanna eye makeup” is like trying to nail down Jell-O! RiRi changes her makeup looks as much as she changes her wardrobe and hair color. But the overall theme for her almond eye shape makeup is fun and bold!

1. Be bold with shadow – Rihanna constantly pushes the boundaries with bold, bright, dark, or shimmery shadows. She also loves to play up a color by creating an entire look around it, for example, with a sexy silver smokey eye, or ultramarine shadow over her signature cat eyeliner.
2. Accentuate the waterline – Not only are RiRi’s hazel-green eyes gorgeous, she constantly accentuates her almond eye shape by lining her inner rim with dark or bold colors. It’s a striking look that makes both her eye color and eye shape pop. Note that while this is an almond eye shape must-try, this is also one of those makeup tips from celebrities that you should be careful with! If your eyes are small in size, like Taylor Swift‘s, then lining your waterline will visually reduce the size of your almond eye shape.
3. Add long false lashes – Rihanna is never one to shy away from over-the-top false eyelashes. Any search for looks of celebrity false eyelashes will showcase Rihanna experimenting with extravagantly long, feathered, or even rhinestone-studded lashes! Of course, we most often see her with more down-to-earth falsies, and you can easily replicate such look with luxurious Siberian mink lashes by Minki Lashes.

Megan Fox – Megan Fox eye makeup is similar to Angelina Jolie’s in that both ladies favor a bare lid and a bold cat eye. Of course, the icy-blue hue of Megan’s eyes also stands out against the bare-lid-black-liner look of the classic almond eye shape. And Ms.Fox is also more often seen with a smokey eye than Ms. Jolie.

1. Fill in your brows – Those perfect, high arches that are set into her porcelain skin are striking. Even without any noticeable shadow, liner, or mascara, her brows are perfectly filled in and always take center stage.
2. Go lighter on the lower lash line – Often, Megan is photographed without any liner at all on the lower lash line. If she does a cat eye, she might only bring a tiny bit of gray/brown shadow about one quarter in on her lower lash line. You will find that more often than not, those with almond-shaped eyes, especially those with small almond eyes, can pull off this bare-bottomed look (in makeup, of course).
3. Lengthen lashes – While on more glamorous occasions she might add some false lashes for volume and drama, Megan tends to favor long and dark over dense and thick lashes. To achieve a similar look, opt for mink lash extensions, which provide those same long, dark eyelashes lasting for around two months! Or, if you only need the extra “oomph” for weekend wear, check out the highest quality Siberian mink strip lashes by Minki Lashes. They are cruelty-free and imitate the human eyelash shape and texture so closely that when wearing some of the more natural styles (vs thick like Adele’s), most people can’t even tell that the eyelashes are not your own.
4. Brighten the inner rim and tear duct – Megan often lines her inner rim with a white or flesh tone pencil, which plays up her perfect almond eye shape. And she always adds a white or pearlescent shade in the arch and tear duct area!

Even though we may not have all the attributes of celebrities like Angelina, Rihanna, and Megan, those of us with an almond eye shape at least have that much in common. But any of these celebrities will tell you…you need to make the most of what you have. Once you manage that, you can really shine!


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