November 25, 2020
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Big Eyes Makeup

Best Big Eyes Makeup Tips – 10 Beauty Boo’s

Every woman wants to accentuate her best features with makeup. Often on big eyes, makeup application can be tricky. Things can go wrong…very wrong. However, by knowing exactly what you’re doing wrong in big eyes makeup application, you can hope to achieve more consistent results.  Makeup also gives you the ability to deemphasize and use camouflage to bring your face into a more harmonious balance. Read our list of 10 beauty boo’s to avoid if you have big eyes, or often referred to as prominent or protruding eyes, and corresponding best makeup tips to help you create a more flattering style.

  1. Don’t forget primer – If you don’t think you need it…think again. Every eye shape needs eye shadow base, but those with big or protruding eyes particularly benefit. Since shadow and its placement will make the difference between eyes that bulge and eyes that are in balance, you need to aim to keep that shadow in place as long as possible.
  2. Don’t skip concealer – Shadows or dark circles under the eye can make eyes look even more protruding. Concealer should be a part of your everyday eye makeup. And since the skin under your eyes is some of the most delicate and fragile on your body, one of our most important makeup tips is to pay particular attention to the chemicals in cosmetics that are placed there (or really anywhere on your face and body). Look for organic, natural, and hypoallergenic products whenever possible. Check the ingredients with EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database ( before purchasing a new product.
  3. Don’t go light on lids – Contrary to many popular makeup applications for other eye shapes, those looking for proper big eyes makeup tips and guidelines, should avoid light colors on the lid. A good rule of thumb to remember is that light colors bring forward, dark colors recede. Since you want to recede your eye, go darker on lid shadow.
  4. Avoid harsh lines – Some will find that the solid, hard line of liquid or gel liners can actually bring more attention to their protruding eyes. A softer or smudged line will work better to “blur” the boundaries of the eyes. If you need the long-wear of the liquid liner, you can lay a foundation of that, but be sure to apply a dark shadow over it to smoke it out.
  5. Don’t leave waterline bare – People with small eyes are cautioned to stay away from lining the inner rim with dark colors, because it tends to close the appearance of the eye (dark colors recede, remember?) For big eyes makeup, though, that’s one of  the best makeup tips! Apply any dark-colored waterproof liner to the waterline.
  6. Stay away from heavy mascara – The last thing you need is to draw further attention to your eye by layering on tons of heavy, thickening mascara. Your best bet is to use a lash primer followed by one or two coats of mascara.
  7. Think twice about adding cheap lashes – Again, big, thick false lashes by popular drugstore brands such as Ardell or Revlon will only seek to draw more attention to your already-attention-grabbing eyes because they are stiff and have that synthetic shine that gives away the fact that they are fake. It’s best to put your own lashes to work with your big eyes makeup, if yours are naturally long and healthy. Keep them looking long and lush by using an eyelash conditioner once or twice a day. Another great alternative is to actually use ultra-natural looking strip lashes by Minki Lashes instead of mascara. Made of lightweight and soft cruelty-free Siberian mink (live animals are gently brushed during hair collection process), these will imitate your own lashes thanks to their tapered tips, but with an added length. When properly applied, they look so close to your own lashes, that chances are, you will want to forget the word “mascara” and make Minki Lashes your #1 big eyes makeup buddy! If you seek more permanent results, consider getting natural eyelash extensions made of real mink . They can add a more subtle length and texture than heavy strips of false lashes, and they can last up to two -three months!
  8. Don’t over-tweeze your brows – Thin, sparse eyebrows leave the eye area bare, causing your big eyes to look even larger. On the other hand, bushy eyebrows draw attention, simply by being messy! Your best bet will be to keep the eyebrows natural and clean, with a well-defined arch.
  9. Avoid “attention grabbing” colors and textures on eyes – Nothing says “Look at my big, protruding eyes” like heavy glitter or bright, crazy color on lids or lashes. A trend might look fun…but for those with difficult eye shapes, it’s best to let them just pass you by.
  10. Don’t highlight in the wrong spots – Keeping the light/dark/forward/recede mantra in mind for big eyes makeup, go easy on the highlight. It’s best to use only a small dab under your brow (at the arch), and in the tear duct area.

You see those celebrities with big eyes smiling up at you from the pages of magazines, looking perfect, eyes looking completely in proportion to their faces. Well, they weren’t born knowing how to apply makeup…someone taught them the best tips on what to do and what not to do (or someone else applied it for them). It’s true, big eyes makeup can be challenging. But by simply keeping our best makeup tips, tricks, and no-nos in mind, your results can be perfect time and time again!


The original creator of the MINKI LASHES E-MAGAZINE that covers everything from false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, eye makeup tips and ideas for all eye colors and eye shapes, to eye makeup product reviews and eye makeup ingredients safety. Your FAUX LASH AUTHORITY and founder of the soon-to-be-launched affordable luxury BRAND of cruelty-free 100% Siberian MINK LASHES and MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

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