January 17, 2021
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Best Dark Eye Shadow Makeup Tips For Beginners With Dark Eyes

If you’ve been thinking that your dark brown eyes are boring…boy are you wrong! Brown is really the only color on the color wheel that doesn’t have a counterpart. That means pretty much all colors can play off of those baby browns! In terms of eye shadow makeup, your choices are virtually endless! Makeup looks for brown eyes can run the gamut, from nudes and neutral, to vivids and vibrant, with or without your favorite Minki Lashes false eyelashes. So, really, your biggest dilemma is where to start! Here are our 6 best dark eye shadow makeup tips for beginners with dark eyes:

  1. Eyebrows – Hands-down, no matter how amazing your eye shadow makeup is, the effect will be diminished by lack-luster brows. Invest in an eyebrow shaping kit and spend some time growing, grooming, and perfecting your brows. Pam Anderson’s thin lined brows from the 90’s are out, and natural-looking fuller and more youthful brows are in! Find your ideal arch and develop it. Better yet, go to a salon and try eyebrows threading. The technique is actually thousands of years old, though only recently new to the Western world. It is safe and much gentler than waxing.
  2. Primer – Don’t skip the primer step…even if you’re wearing a shimmery nude shadow. Primer creates an even, lovely base for your eye shadow makeup, while also providing staying power!
  3. Shadows – We already know that your brown eyes can carry just about any eye shadow makeup  color, but another wonderful aspect of dark brown eyes is that they can carry even the darker jewel tones!   That means shimmer, frost, matte…all of it…it’s yours (you can even consider an eyeshadow pencil). Though you can wear almost any color, your best shades include purples, greens, silvers, and blues. Following the appropriate eyeshadow application techniques for your eye shape, a mid-tone smokey eye is usually your best bet! Note, however, that you need to be mindful of the proper placement of dark eye shadow colors depending on your eye shape. For example, you will want to avoid dark eye shadow on your upper lid below the crease if you have hooded eyes or deep set eyes. By contrast, for close set or big eyes, you will want some dark eye shadow makeup right below the crease. Read our other eye shape articles for eye makeup tips for your specific eye shape.
  4. Liner – Here is the one area that might actually surprise you. Yes, you can wear black eyeliner…in moderation. The darker your eyes, the darker they will become with black liner. The safest play with this is not to over-do the black by drawing a thick line. Instead, opt to mix in some plum, navy, or brown liner.
  5. Mascara – Boy, can your dark eyes rock some lush looking eyelashes! An integral part of your dark eye makeup look needs to be eyelashes. If you do not wear fake lashes (you should!), this step is a “must” for you. Skip overly marketed best cheap mascara drugstore options such as Cover Girl Lash Blast (for a list of 10 cheap mascaras to avoid due to toxic/allergenic/carcinogenic mascara ingredients, click here), and choose safer organic mascaras. Two coats should go a long way. (Remember, you can use color. So if you happen to spot some cool eggplant or navy mascara, snap it up!)
  6. Lashes – Now it’s time for the icing on the cake!  If you want the highest quality and most natural appearance on the market at a reasonable price, there is no better fake lashes than those made of cruelty-free Siberian mink (for glam in a blink, think mink by Minki Lashes). If you are on a tighter budget and are not on a hunt for the most lightweight and realistic-looking product made of natural material (in case you don’t mind wearing plastic on your eyes or are only planning to wear your fake lashes once or twice for a special event), some of the best fake lashes around are Ardell, Eylure, Andrea, and Dolly Wink lashes). Again, your dark eyes enable you to pull off a fuller, longer lash…but remember that you can still be overwhelmed by a heavy, black lash. If you are hesitant to apply lashes, check out our how-to and tutorial articles right here on MinkiLashes.org. But really, all you need are the fluttery Minki Lashes and some eyelash glue (skip Quo and Duo as they are toxic), and you’re good to go knock ‘em dead!

Best eye shadow makeup doesn’t have to be a mystery for those with dark brown eyes. You choices are pretty much endless. Remember your best colors, follow the best application techniques and our tips for your eye shape…and you are sure to shine!


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