January 17, 2021
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Best Makeup For Blue Eyes

Best Eye Makeup for Blue Green Eyes and Fair Skin: Style Guide

Sure, it sounds like a dream. Having blue-green eyes, the color of the Mediterranean. Exotic, mysterious, mesmerizing. But finding the best makeup for blue eyes, or blue-green eyes, can sometimes be challenging when combined with fair skin. If this conundrum sounds eerily familiar, don’t worry! We’ve got three stunning looks for you that will win every time, guaranteed.

Natural Beauty – If you like a more natural look with your fair skin, your best makeup for blue eyes will center around taupe, khaki, terracotta, and gold. All of these are earthy tones, yet will pick up on subtle flecks of similar colors in your iris. Use a bone or champagne shimmer on your lid, with any one of the earthy colors for contour in the crease, outer V, and along your lower lash line. Stick to an olive or brown liner along the top lashes, and smudge to soften (you can also smudge a bit of the liner along the lower lashes for added definition). Also, since your eye makeup is minimal, pay close attention to your brows. To learn how to get perfect eyebrows for a daytime-friendly effect of this best makeup for blue eyes look, use a brow powder and a stiff angled liner brush to fill in any bare spots and to emphasize the shape and the arch. For lashes, start with an eyelash primer to add volume, and finish with two coats of organic lengthening mascara (for sensitive eyes). That way, your lashes won’t be clumpy, but will still have oomph!

Smokey Daytime Cat-Eye – Want to go a little more dramatic, but still keep it daytime-appropriate? Your best makeup for blue eyes will be a subtle, smokey cat-eye. You are going to use blue-green eye makeup to take it up a notch, so reach for a brown, gold, and olive green eye shadow to create the look. Sweep the lightest color (gold) on the lids. In the outer corner of the lid, apply the olive color. In the crease, outer V (extending it past the end of your eye a bit), and along the lower lashes, smudge and blend the darkest shade (brown). Using a dark brown liquid or gel liner, tightline the upper lashes, gradually thickening the line as you get to the outer corner. At that point, add a small “flick” up and out, drawing the eye into a classic “cat-eye.” Apply highlight under the brow and in the tear duct area. Finish this best makeup for blue eyes by adding a pair of ultimately natural-looking authentic mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes.

Full-on Glamour – This is it. The look you go to, without fail, for your best makeup for blue eyes nighttime glam. We’re not talking your ordinary evening smokey eye, though. Thanks to your gorgeous blue-green peepers and fair skin, you are going to pop them with plum! First and foremost, because this look entails adding a good amount of makeup to your eye area, you should be looking for paraben-free cosmetics whenever possible. Once you’ve done that, sweep a medium purple shade on the inner third of your upper lid. Bring that color down to the inner third of your lower lash line as well. On the rest of the lid, begin layering on a nice, dark plum, blending up into the crease and out to the outer V. Smudge it along your lower lash line until it joins with the purple shade. Use a black liner on the waterline, and along the upper lashes. No need for heavy liquid or gel liner with this look, since we’re putting a new twist on the traditional look. Rely on the depth of the plum color and the cool contrast with your own eye color to do all the work! Curl your eyelashes with a heated lash curler. And, since we’re going for nighttime glam, it’s time for false eyelashes!  If you are on a budget, check out Red Cherry eyelashes for dozens of styles, from mild to wild, demi to individuals to full strips. If you are looking for the highest quality on the market, authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink strip eyelashes by Minki Lashes will surely fool everyone into thinking that they are your own! If you’re hesitant to use falsies for fear of the application process, get an inexpensive false eyelash applicator (you’ll wonder how you ever attempted lashes without it)! And in case you’re wondering, Duo Brush-On Striplash Adhesive (green packaging) is currently one of the best eyelash glue options on the market that is latex-free (good for sensitive eyes).

There you have three of the best makeup for blue eyes looks. Easy yet oh-so-effective for bringing out the all the amazing facets of blue, blue-green, green, and grey eyes. And against your fair skin? Watch out! For more tips and tricks, keep coming back to our e-magazine for tons of great makeup tutorials for blue eyes. Best advice? Start with the three looks here, practice, experiment…but most of all, have fun! Now get out there and be beautiful!


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