May 11, 2021
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Best Eyelash Adhesive – 10 Reasons to Avoid Drugstore Brands!

You may not want to shell out the big bucks for a set of genuine mink lashes, however doing things yourself is not always best.  When it comes to deciding that you want either individual real or fake eyelashes whether they be tips or strips to do yourself at home, one of the most important decisions you will likely make is in regards to the types of eyelash adhesive you select.  And, while a bottle of adhesive and a set of eyelure lashes won’t probably set you back more than ten dollars, you may be really getting what you pay for.  There is a reason that salon applied lashes are such a growing and popular trend, and it’s not because people want to spend a lot of extra money for no reason.  Not only do the lashes obviously differ, but there are quite a few differences in the types of eyelash adhesive used as well.  And there are some glaring reasons you might not be aware of to avoid eyelash glue from the drugstore, and we’ve compiled a list of ten of them to get you thinking!

  1. Rubber Latex:  If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic eyelash glue, heading to the drugstore is not where you want to start.  Rubber latex is a very common ingredient in many store bought brands and while it’s a fine adhesive, for people who are allergy sensitive and unable to come into contact with latex, this ingredient can be an absolute nightmare!  Duo eyelash glue, one of the most popular, contains this ballonish ingredient.
  2. Formaldehyde:  While the majority of salon brands do as well, it’s not uncommon to come across formaldehyde or one of its differently named doppelgangers in many brands of store bought glue.
  3. Fumes:  Do you smell something?  Well, you sure are likely to if you’re using store bought glue.  Of course, salon grade adhesive also carries a distinct aroma; your home is likely not as well equipped from a ventilation perspective to handle the wafting vapors of a chemical rich eyelash potion, so locking yourself in the bathroom for application is less than advisable.
  4. Skin Irritation:  Salon techs are trained (usually) to apply real and fake eyelash tips and full strips of lashes – the truth is that you are probably not.  They are a lot less likely to glue a piece of you to another piece of you and while some people will be little more than inconvenienced by this dermal dilemma, others can experience skin irritation from some types of store bought eyelash adhesive.
  5. Eye Irritation:  Whether you have gotten it in your eye because you aren’t a lash pro, or the fumes are getting the better of you, irritation of the eyes occurs with various types of eyelash glue and swelling, itching and watering are not uncommon symptoms.
  6. Separating Lashes:  If you think waxing hurts, try untangling glued together lashes that are stuck to your own!  Fast bonding and lightening quick, drugstore adhesive can create a mess of your lashes if not used properly and undoing the damage can be tedious and painful!
  7. Removal:  Oftentimes, drugstore eyelash adhesive is used for strip type lashes and most people intend to reuse them once or twice.  While getting the lash off your lid might not be much of a problem, the residual goo left behind on the base of your falsies might be another story altogether.  So, get your tweezers ready, and a whole lot of free time.
  8. Application Problems:  Sure the drug store adhesives serve their purpose.  They glue things together.  However, that seems to be where the customer satisfaction concerns stop, because you’ll find that these tubes and bottles of glue are not user friendly, and application issues because of poor dispensing and design are common.
  9. Waterproofing Issues:  Feel like swimming?  Well, you should skip it if you’re wearing lashes that are affixed with store bought eyelash adhesive.  Waterproof isn’t a word that many people use to describe these low cost glues.
  10. Doesn’t Last Long:  If you want to party from sunrise to sunset well then you might want to consider some Katy Perry eye makeup instead because these adhesives likely will not be able to withstand a full day on the go, particularly if it’s humid.


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