August 5, 2020
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Best Eyelash Glue

Best Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes – Hidden Ingredients Alert

Shopping for the best eyelash glue might not seem like a big deal to you, however considering the questionable and dangerous products that are found in many of them; it might be something you want to invest a little bit more time in.  While it’s true that chemicals in cosmetics are sometimes non harmful, there are some that might surprise and even shock you.  What’s worse is that some ingredients hidden in purportedly some of the best eyelash glue available can even cause allergic reactions, because of their use of rubber latex! But, for people with sensitive eyes who are used to having to check out the back of a box to sift through makeup ingredients, you may be in luck.  In fact, you don’t have to miss out on the glamorous and sometimes even natural makeup looks that silk or authentic mink lash enhancements can provide.

The following two products are easy to get your hands on and you might want to consider them for sensitive eyes and, whether you are dabbling in silk lashes, faux mink or full strips, users claim that they both don’t lose any effectiveness in their efforts to use a gentler product. But, all that glitters is not gold, or glue for that matter.  In fact, both popular products that are better suited for sensitive eyes (very low in formaldehyde and latex free) do contain ingredients that you might find less than desirable.  And, one of them is hidden and almost cleverly disguised as a good ingredient!

The first product that is considered one of the top picks for best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes is the well known LashTite Adhesive from Ardell that is typically used for individual lashes.  This waterproof formula contains a binding polymer (Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate), nitrocellulose and Iron Oxide.  According to Skin Deep, it’s a pretty harmless ingredient list with one exception, and that is SD Alcohol 40B.  While it’s only a mild health concern, it does promote skin absorption, and so your skill level with how to apply individual lashes will mostly determine how much of a hazard SD Alcohol 40B is for you.  If you can keep it away from your skin, then it’s obviously not a problem.

Another popular pick for the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes is the formalin (i.e. formaldehyde) free and sans rubber formulation from Duo.  The new and improved formula of this brush-on adhesive for strip lashes doesn’t contain Alcohol 40B and its ingredients list consist merely of super glue related copolymer and a few other less hazardous ingredients.  Or, so it appears.  Most lash glue formulas contain some small amount of formaldehyde (carcinogen but low health hazard when used in very small amounts), and this particular offering from Duo does not contain any added formaldehyde (a small amount gets released naturally over time, but this is unavoidable). Retinol (Vitamin A) might seem like a friendly item on the ingredients label, however, according to Skin Deep, it could also be a hidden hazard.  Possibly linked to toxicity and some forms of cancer, Retinol is shrouded in mystery and potential danger.  It’s currently under investigation for its ability to contribute to certain health problems.  While it’s use in cosmetics and their effect on the body is uncertain, an abundance of vitamin A has proven harmful and even fatal in humans, and as such if nothing else, it’s very evident how potent this essential truly is.

There are a lot of brands that claim to offer the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes, however a large majority of them may actually contain potentially dangerous hidden ingredients. Choosing Ardell LashTite Adhesive for individual lashes and Duo Brush-on Striplash Adhesive for strip lashes may be a few of your best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes options. Even for one simple reason that if you do get a reaction, it will be from one of the clearly listed ingredients and not an unknown substance like in some adhesives of Asian origin.

Final TIP: If all else fails, have some tea.  Sometimes the unfortunate happens and you are left with maybe not an allergic reaction, but a rather unhappy pair of eyes.  If you find that you experience slight irritation from your at-home lash glue application, you will still likely have to either try a different brand of eyelash glue for your mink lashes or resort to mascara for sensitive eyes (preferably organic!) until you do more research and find a safer adhesive option for your eyes, because the situation could get worse with continuous use. A popular remedy for the symptoms is brewed and cooled chamomile tea bags to help ease the discomfort.


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