January 17, 2021
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Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Best Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews – Do They Work?

Heated eyelash curler combs are becoming more and more popular thanks to their ability to produce purportedly longer lasting hold than standard clamp apparatuses, as well as the fact that they can be less damaging. While clampers can accidentally pull out some lashes because of the pressing pressure, the best heated eyelash curler options avoid this pitfall entirely with a no clamp method of how to curl your eyelashes.

But, do they work? And, which is the best heated eyelash curler to buy? The simple answer here is that for most people, a heated curler works absolutely great, producing mega curl to rival even the best fake eyelashes with all day hold. However, there are some things to consider here. If you find that even the top rated mascara for adding curl is largely ineffective on your particular lashes, you may find a heated curler less effective as well.

Essentially, natural lashes are unique. When curling hair for instance, some people have no problems getting tight spirals and loose tousels with a big barrelled iron. But, for others, it just doesn’t work as effectively. In short, if your lashes have been problematic in the past when it comes to holding curl, they may be equally less cooperative with a heated device for achieving same, even if you choose to splurge and spend the extra money on the best heated eyelash curler on the market. So, if you have stubborn straight natural eyelashes without any natural curvature, chances are you will need a conventional clamp lash curler for your own lashes and a heated one to help blend your own lashes with your 100% real and cruelty-free Siberian mink lashes by Minki Lashes. (Avoid using a clamp lash curler with real mink lashes!)

One other thing to think about here is whether or not you know how to curl your eyelashes properly. If you’re having trouble, it could certainly be merely a matter of technique. Consider having someone who has used them before show you the way. There is no shame in learning from experience whether that be getting makeup tutorials for blue eyes (like this insanely popular one here) or using a new and exciting beauty tool.

So what are the benefits to adding the best heated eyelash curler available to your makeup arsenal? Well, one of the biggest is the lack of crimp line that is left behind that is so commonplace with metal and plastic clamp versions. And, of course, there is also the fact that a heated eyelash curler doesn’t use a pressure based curl component, therefore reducing the risk of losing precious lashes. Finally, you can use it with or without mascara…By contrast, using a clamp curler after applying mascara is a big ‘no-no’!

Actual users agree that the best heated lash curler combs work, although some attest that the devices don’t produce dramatic curl. However, they do provide abundant lift. And, those used to applying fake eyelashes made of real mink or human hair will be happy to know that the heated options can also help add a little drama to these as well, and are suitable for all different types of eye shapes and lash lengths. Heated lash curlers are not to be used with synthetic or silk lashes (since they are made of poly synthetic materials that should not come in contact with heat as to avoid releasing harmful toxins).

Panasonic and Japonesque make two of the best heated eyelash curlers available, according to users who loyally use them as a part of their everyday routine. Valeria of Minki Lashes finds that the Panasonic Heated Circular Eyelash Comb EH2351AC (buy here – price recently dropped to $8.99) works well for her (minus the draining battery issue)…But then again, her own eyelashes are naturally slightly uplifted and are not stubborn so they do not require a lot of effort when it comes to curling.

Youtube natural and healthy beauty blogger Oxana124 loves the Panasonic Double-Action Heated Eyelash Curler EH2331P (buy here) as it works wonders on curling her eyelashes and is easy to use. Watch Oxana’s review of both Panasonic EH2351AC and EH2331P below:

Youtube beauty blogger LeighAnnSays reviews Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler in the video below. To summarize, she lists the following pros and cons:

Pros: The mini curler provides the most natural-looking lash curl that traditional clamp curlers are unable to achieve. And the curler is safer to use than a conventional clamp and will not burn the skin.

Cons: There are no directions listed on the box, making using it difficult and confusing for new users. The Japonesque curler did not provide enough curl on its own since Leigh Ann’s natural eyelashes are straight and stubborn but using it after the conventional lash clamp curler improved the final result and made the lash curl look most natural and uplifted.

Your satisfaction with heated lash curlers will depend mainly on your type of eyelashes, but Panasonic curlers seem to get more positive reviews from real users.
The biggest advantages with the best heated eyelash curler: most natural-looking curl, ease and safety of use. The biggest complaints? Interestingly enough, not much to do with the product’s effectiveness (unless you have stubborn straight eyelashes), rather more so in relation to the devices themselves. They take a while to heat up (think about a curling iron or flat iron, which also need time to warm to be used) and they can drain batteries faster than a toddler’s music toy. To reduce the battery drainage, do not leave the curler on for long but rather immediately turn it off after each use.

Changing eye makeup techniques can be unnerving for some who are used to the traditional means of curling eyelashes. But, as the beauty industry soars forward in terms of innovation, so will the products they create. Not everyone will find that a heated lash curler is a must-have, but countless happy users agree that the new wave of lash lifting starts with a little heat. A heated curler is your go-to product especially if you use 100% real mink eyelashes.

Which one of the 3 discussed heated curlers have you had experience with and which one do you like or dislike the most? Comment below!


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