August 5, 2020
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Best Heated Eyelash Curlers For False Eyelashes Vs Mascara

The morning routine of many women consists of makeup, often with added emphasis on the eye area. Adding the best curling mascara, several coats thick and then smushing eyelashes with a tweezerman eyelash curler is a standard practice for many. But, what about for false lash wearers? Is this the best way to gain curl? Or, is there a better option?

Minki Lashes false lash wearers are swearing that the best eyelash curlers for false lashes are the heated kind (such as those by Panasonic brand). These battery operated or electric eyelash curler devices work by applying heat to the eyelashes (your own and false kind) for adding lift and curl without the clamping and smushing of traditional devices, as well as making mascara completely not required.

One of the biggest benefits as raved by users is the all day hold that is provided from heated curlers. Another unique benefit is that these best eyelash curlers are the only type of curlers that can be used after applying mascara!
 That’s right, while it is still recommended to use your best oil and paraben-free mascara after curling your false eyelashes, heated eyelash curlers won’t give you a heart attack and won’t damage your own lashes or falsies with mascara on top!

Even the best false eyelashes come with some caveats. For instance, mascara use can be tricky. Because of the glue used to secure the eyelashes, only water based mascara for eyelash extensions and falsies is acceptable. Typically, the best curling mascara products are oil based, and these cannot be used on false lashes. It will break down the adhesive used to secure them to the lash line, which can result in them coming off during the day. Even the best eyelash glue is susceptible to this oil kryptonite, and there is no avoiding it. If mascara is used for falsies, it needs to be water based.  Unfortunately, the mascara ingredients that make oil based products desirable such as application in fewer coats to prevent spider eyes as well as longer lasting and waterproof and smudge-free wear are absent in falsie approved water based formulations.

There are some problems with using even the best eyelash curlers available on falsies as well. In the case of extensions, the clamping nature of the devices can actually remove extensions or loosen up strip falsies if the user isn’t careful. This can lead to an early morning tragedy in a hurry. Thus, another reason why heated options are considered the best eyelash curlers for fake lash wearers. Another benefit to using heated options is that the need for mascara can be completely eliminated. Most falsies already feature a deep ebony hue, and length which is normally added with mascara, is obviously already accounted for by the use of false lashes in the first place. This means that by using the best eyelash curlers boasting heat on your new pair of mink false eyelashes, mascara can be skipped completely. For glam in a blink, think mink and heated eyelash curlers!

Speaking of mink, please note that when curling authentic cruelty-free mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes, you should be using strictly heated eyelash curlers for best results and safety of the fur hair. Same goes for human hair eyelashes (such as by Bullseye brand), but not for reusable silk, synthetic (such as by Revlon brand) or mixed fibers lashes and eyelash extensions, since low quality plastic materials could potentially (although rare) release an unhealthy chemical reaction upon contact with heat.

For wearers of fake lashes, whether they be drugstore strips or a painstakingly applied set of mink extensions, taking care of them to add longevity is almost always a concern. Few are willing to shell out the money and effort needed to acquire and maintain the lashes only to have them come off or fall out because of cosmetic mistakes. This is why heated options are considered the best eyelash curlers for false eyelashes over mascara. Since water based mascara is the only option for falsie wearers, those seeking non-damaging curl should consider adding a little heat.


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