January 17, 2021
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Blink Eyelash Extension Products Vs Xtreme Vs Lavish Lashes

There are some that say there is no way to replicate Kim Kardashian eye makeup looks without a big and bold full set of eyelash extensions. And, few would likely debate that. But, celebrities like Kardashian have a small army of stylists, makeup artists and the like to keep get them and keep them looking beautiful each and every day. For the common lash lover looking to enhance everyday eye makeup or prepare for a special occasion, reputable salons must suffice, and each often offers a variety of eyelash extension products. Most however, only carry products from a specific manufacturer. And, there are some marked differences between the industry leading producers of false eyelashes. In fact, choosing a salon to have them applied may come down to whose product line the facility carries.

One of the most popular manufacturers in the industry is Xtreme eyelash extensions. They specialize in synthetic lash extensions, and have recently added a line of faux mink lashes (which is also made of synthetic products). Well known for abundant curl and lash consistency, they carry an incredibly wide line of different sizes, lengths and curls of lashes as well as a whole rainbow of color. Four curvature categories and a multitude of varying lengths from 6 to 17 mm all can be had in colors like auburn, yellow, emerald, sapphire and of course, deep jet black. Aside from their lash line, they also offer other eyelash extension products like adhesives, application supplies and even makeup. However, even though they may boast a large quantity of lash offerings in many colors, their supply is actually rather limited with curl and length variances being their only offerings.

Blink eyelash extension products offerings are even less expansive with trays of synthetic individual lashes and minimal color options being available. They are easier to obtain online than offerings from Xtreme Lashes, but harder to find available and used in a salon. One of the best things about Blink however, is its adhesive. It’s well known by lash techs to be one of the better offerings for eyelashes glue thanks to its lessened fumes and superior holding ability.

One of the largest and most diverse offerings of eyelash extension products choices is from Lavish Lashes. And, it’s not because of a multi colored product line or a plethora of curvatures. No, Lavish Lashes offers similar lengths and colors as other leading manufacturers do and even one less option for curvature than Xtreme does. However, Lavish has something that only a mere trio of leading manufacturers have, and that is genuine Siberian mink lashes that are quickly taking over the market. Finally, those wanting to replicate Megan Fox eye makeup or stunning red carpet looks by JLo can do so with these genuine and authentic lashes. Well known for their superiority over synthetics thanks to being the softest and most lightweight lash, as well as boasting natural irregularities that are un-attainable by man made eyelash extension product lines, the Siberian mink offering from Lavish Lashes sets it above both Xtreme Lashes and Blink due to their unique real product. Mascara for eyelash extensions will be a thing of the past with these gorgeous and glamorous fringe enhancers. Of course, aside from being one of the only lash makers offering real mink, the synthetic products from Lavish are also well loved by many fans.

If you are not ready to splurge on real Siberian mink eyelash extensions applied by a certified Lavish Lashes technician (and those com with a hefty price tag!), then consider reusable real Siberian mink strip eyelashes by Minki Lashes, that you can apply by yourself within minutes. Priced at only $37, $39 and $43 (for 3 volume levels), they can be reused up to 25 times with proper care and wear. Buy luxurious yet affordable Minki Lashes

In the eyelash extensions industry, more is not always better. And, just because one company produces more choices, doesn’t mean they are better than others. Blink may not boast the selection that Xtreme does, but their lashes are very popular, and  their glue is one of the best known in the industry. And, Lavish may not offer the same selections that Xtreme does, but their stunning real mink lashes set them far apart from competitors; and, the 2013 introduction of this extra eyelash extension product may send Lavish straight to the top in terms of a growing fan base.


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  1. Blink absolutely does manufacture real mink lashes. Many advertised mink lashes are actually synthetic lashes labeled as mink. The difference is obvious when the lash is held to a flame. Synthetic evaporates and real mink will smolder and burn just like a real human hair. I have had many clients say they received (and charged additionally for) real mink lashes at other salons, only to realize that they were synthetic lashes.

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