September 21, 2020
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Difference Between Mink And Silk Eyelash Extensions Reviews

Creative marketing can confuse a captive audience in moments, and one area where that couldn’t be truer is the naming methodology of eyelash extensions.  While just choosing the name “synthetic” would have been a great way to keep confused people from reading mink eyelash extensions reviews (when really the product they paid for was silk or some derivative) would have been a novice concept, trickery is common in the cosmetology, salon and cosmetics industries and, as such, trying to decide what kind of product you would like can be confusing.  Do you elect silk lashes or faux mink lashes?  (Clue: They’re very similar, however silk lashes are thinner than faux mink and have a satin gloss finish vs semi glossy finish, but you may not be able to spot the difference right away!)  For reasons like this, we’ve decided to compare silk eyelash extensions to genuine mink.  Not only will this help you differentiate between legitimate mink lashes and synthetic counterparts, but help you to decide which is right for you and whether or not you want to be thrifty with silk eyelash extensions or achieve maximum glamour with mink.

The most common type of eye enhancer is of course silk eyelash extensions.  Usually manufactured from synthetic polymers, common brands such as Xtreme Eyelash Extensions provide a natural look in various types of products that can add some incredible volume, lift, curl and style to a limp, lifeless and thin pair of lashes.  For around $200.00 and up (some salons charge more) you can have the application of the silk eyelash extensions on both eyes done (although most will have  under one hundred dollar touch ups done during that time for a total of closer to $300.00 for the entire process).  Typical user reviews are mostly positive.  Added fullness, plumpness, volume and drama are almost always experienced, and users find that they are thrilled with the end results that are natural and beautiful looking, so good in fact that even those with the best eyelash curlers often kick them and their mascara aside after having their extensions applied.  Silk and synthetics are also commonly used in eyelash extension kits. 

There are some downsides however to silk eyelash extensions. For instance, they may be less receptive to some chemicals and products (although most silk eyelash extensions tolerate the majority of products well.) Additionally, they can feel heavy, especially at first (but, this is likely true for any foreign object and probably is not specific to silk lashes.)

On the other hand are mink products. NOT faux mink, because that’s the similar to silk but slightly thicker.  We’re talking about ACTUAL mink.  As in: fur from the actual animal.  Although some products claim to be mink or faux mink – you will have to be careful not to be swayed by imitators (which is common with brands offering authentic product at unbelievably low prices!)

Starting at around $400.00 (excluding $100 and up follow ups), the allure of extensions made from mink hair is that they have a natural quality to them – an unevenness and thin feathery-ness that is hard to recreate in synthetic material.
 And, the fact that it is very fine means that when applied, it can be added to your natural lashes with multiple mink hairs at the end up each one.  This can create a load of drama and intensity.  Additionally, a skilled technician can benefit from the fine and thin nature of these natural hairs and apply more than one to each natural lash tip. This can take the elegance of your eye fringe to a whole new level for a look that is simply unachievable with synthetic products.

There is no need to panic about using natural animal hair for your lash extensions.  Sure, there are bound to be some questionable manufacturers that don’t promote cruelty free practices of their animals.  However, there are many reputable providers that obtain their hair in a unique way – by grooming the heck out of minks!  Frequent brushing and hair collecting are the methods in which this specialty hair is collected from the unharmed animals meaning that you can get luxurious lashes guilt free with just a bit of homework.


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