September 23, 2020
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Duo Lash Glue

Duo Lash Glue – Formaldehyde And Latex Free?

Considering its popularity in the cosmetics industry and its long held ranking as one of the most used adhesives for applying fake eyelashes both for every day at home users and those in theater and stage production, Duo Lash Glue has made its mark on the glam and fabulous population that craves the length and volume via faux fringes.  However, there is something else that Duo lash glue is also becoming well known for, and that is the items found on its ingredients label.  Firstly, for those trying to install a set of cheap false eyelashes, a bad look might be the least of your worries if you have a latex allergy.  That’s because rubber latex is the bonding ingredient of choice for Duo Lash glue and if you have sensitivity to it, you won’t have to worry about cool eye make up ideas for quite some time – Or, at least until your swelling goes away. Minki Lashes encourages its users to choose safer and more natural products and learn to recognize potentially risky makeup ingredients.

While Duo lash glue (i.e. Duo Eyelash Adhesive in clear white or dark tone) has gotten a bad rap for containing latex (as many glues do) it also contains Formalin, a formaldehyde solution, a known carcinogenic ingredient rated 10 (the highest risk!) by Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.
 Now, formaldehyde is used in various industries every single day, and many surfaces that you come into contact with, such as your counter-top, were likely treated with formaldehyde at some point.  What is concerning however about the inclusion of this post mortem mummifyer is that Duo lash glue is a product made for use directly around the eye area.  People with sensitivities are more likely to develop either immediate or accumulative allergic reactions to this adhesive rated as high risk by Good Guide.

However, loyal and heart-broken  Duo lovers, your brand of choice does make a product that contains neither formaldehyde nor rubber latex, thanks to the popular global movement for safer cosmetics.  This means that not only are mink fake eyelashes users less likely to have a sensitivity to it, but they can put aside some of their concerns about ingredient safety.  Duo Brush On Striplash Adhesive (the packaging is green) is well reviewed!  Somehow, even missing those dangerous ingredients, Duo has still managed to put out a product that users say holds even better than the latex based products and that the drying time is reduced.  Additionally, once you have figured out how to apply individual lashes and decide later that it’s time for them to come off, the removal process is reportedly much easier with this formaldehyde and latex free product; although its intended use is for full sets of strip type lashes.

The use and application are reportedly extremely easy, and the set time is around half a minute.  As with most other types, the fake eyelashes are set with a firm press and hold. There is one downside to this better option for Duo lash glue and that is color.  While you’ll find many brands offer black or white (or, light or dark) color options that will either enhance your look by adding a more bold effect or keep you from wondering how to apply eyeliner with your Minki Lashes because it is providing an eyeliner type look, the brush on and formaldehyde and latex free version of Duo comes in only clear.  But, unlike some other brands that offer “clear” products that can dry cloudy or yellow, reviewers contend that this product stays true and dried without a tinge of color.

Containing acrylates and Retinol, there are still some ingredient concerns to this type of Duo lash glue, however if you are seeking out an option that is free from carcinogenic formaldehyde and the allergenic properties of latex, then this glue might just be a better alternative for you!


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