January 17, 2021
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Pigment Eyeshadow

e.l.f. Pigment Eyeshadow Vs Mac – Which Is Safer For Fake Lashes?

e.l.f. pigment eyeshadow is the same type of product offered at price points that are worlds apart.  While many celebrity makeup tips include MAC cosmetics, advice for the less extravagant, bargain makeup shopper usually includes products by e.l.f. However, the difference in price is not always an indicator of the difference in ingredient quality.

There are a lot of reasons why choosing e.l.f. over MAC for everything from smudge proof eyeliner to various lip and foundation products is a sound idea.  For those of you sporting what you believe to be the best fake eyelashes, you might want to pay attention as well, because e.l.f.’s pigment eyeshadow might be just what you’re looking for!

Pigment Eyeshadow

MAC pigment eyeshadow certainly offers a much greater choice of color than e.l.f.’s Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow. MAC’s loose pigmented powder comes in 42 shades, while the one from e.l.f. only comes in four.  e.l.f.’s previous pigment eyeshadow that was closest in texture to MAC’s had a lot more shades, but it has now been discontinued. Light-weight and easy to blend, e.l.f.’s new pigment eyeshadow is even softer and fluffier than its predecessor. However, MAC loose pigment powder has consistently received good reviews for easy application, smoothness, and blending. More shades, great usability reviews – what else can you wish for in an eyeshadow? The only minus point seems to be the price. The MAC product costs over seven times as much as the one by e.l.f. Surely, it must mean that the MAC eye powder has better quality ingredients in it. But does it really?

Pigment Eyeshadow Ingredient Drill Down

If you zero in on the ingredients that go into MAC’s pigment eyeshadow, you will be surprised to find some things that may not be at all to your liking. The list of ingredients for MAC pigment eyeshadow includes ethylparaben and propylparaben, two substances from the paraben family. Studies have shown that an accumulation of parabens resulting from regular use of paraben-containing makeup is harmful to women’s health and may even be linked to certain cancers. For this reason, many brands choose to exclude them from their products. The EWG‘s Skin Deep cosmetics database gives both methylparaben and propylparaben a high-hazard rating of 7. By contrast, e.l.f.’s Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow does not include parabens of any kind.

You should avoid cosmetic products that contain parabens.

The Transparency Issue

It is worth noting that while e.l.f. makes it a rule to list the ingredients of all its products, MAC does not. You have to dig relatively deep to find reliable sources of information. Specktra seems to be one such source. Whether you choose to trust Specktra or not, the fact remains that MAC’s website does not disclose products’ ingredients to the public.  Ultimately, this does not speak in the company’s favor. In the consumer cosmetics market, as in all other areas, transparency is key.

What About Fake Eyelashes?

Whether you use the pigment eyeshadow product as an eyeshadow base or as a stand-alone pigment, you will want to pay extra attention if you have fake eyelash tips or falsies. One of the ingredients in the MAC loose powder pigment eyeshadow is hexylene glycol. Hexylene glycol is an humectant – a substance that is added to the product to keep it moist and prevent it from changing texture in extreme heat or cold.  As the amount of the substance is very minute, there is no danger of toxicity. However, it may prove irritating to your eyes.  If your eyes are irritated, you are more likely to touch them, rub them, and manipulate them in any way possible to alleviate the sensations of burning, itching, and other aggravations.  Basically, when an irritation occurs, you will find it hard to leave your eyes alone. This can have an adverse effect on the attachment point of your eyelash glue. In contrast to MAC, the e.l.f. pigment eyeshadow does not contain hexylene glycol, so it seems like a safer bet for falsies.

Besides containing fewer ingredients that are likely to agitate sensitive eyes, e.l.f.’s pigment eyeshadow also adds vitamins A, B, C, & E to hydrate and help your eyelids out. What this means is that not only are you less likely to experience irritation from chemicals found in your choice of pigment eyeshadow, but you also stand to benefit from the extra soothing ingredients contained in it. All in all, when it comes to pigment eyeshadow, it looks like e.l.f. is a better choice than MAC, especially for people with fake eyelashes.

Finally, e.l.f. pigment eyeshadow gets a cumulative grade of 4.1 out of 5 on MakeUp Alley (users especially commend the whipped gel texture). It is also really inexpensive and less likely to make you want to touch your eyes and disturb the attachment point of your false lashes.

Pigment Eyeshadow Comparison Table

In the video below, Courtney Lundquist of Makeup Minute, a popular Youtube beauty channel, reviews two of the four shades of e.l.f.’s Long-lasting Lustrous pigment eyeshadow. She mentions that this product comes in seven shades, but, currently, only four are sold. According to Courtney, e.l.f.’s pigment eyeshadow goes on very well (“color pay-off” is the key phrase).



If you are looking for a change in your eye makeup color AND you have fake eyelashes, e.l.f.’s Long-lasting Lustrous pigment eyeshadow is a really good option. Reviewers report that it blends well, lasts a long time, and has a bouncy gel texture that makes application easy. At $3, not only is it very inexpensive, which makes for guilt-free shopping (at this price you can take all four shades home without giving it a second thought), but it is also safe and effective product that will not cause aggravation and irritation to your eyes and put your new fringe of false eyelashes at risk.

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