January 17, 2021
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Mini Eyelash Curler

E.L.F Vs Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler For Small Eyes

It is easy to say one mini eyelash curler is better than another based on general reviews, right? Although that could sometimes be true, one has to consider their eye shape. That is, whether they have Small Eyes, big eyes, round eyes or many of the other eye shapes and sizes. 

Let us compare the E.L.F and the Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler options for small eyes specifically.

Debunking the “One Size Fits All” Myth

Eyelash curlers are not “one size fits all”. The effectiveness or choice can also depend on your natural eyelashes to determine which one is the best eyelash curler to use. The Mini eyelash curler compared to traditional ones, are great for small eyes and for precision in hard to reach areas like the corner of the eye. To give you that best natural looking false eyelashes look that most of us are shooting for, consider whether you have thick or thin eyelashes, sparse or dense lashes, whether you are looking to use it for curling eyelashes all the way round or in the corner of the eye. Also, consider if you want an eyelash curler for your natural lashes, or to bring your mink falsies that you have had for so long back to life.

If your false eyelashes tips are losing their glamor, curl and dramatic effect pretty quickly, you may want to consider getting yourself a pair of 100% real and cruelty-free MinkMajesty mink lashes which hold their curl and glamor up to 25 times of use. 

Can I Use My E.L.F or Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler on False Eyelashes?

Lots of people ask about this!

There are three types of extensions and strip false eyelashes. Faux mink (which are synthetic), silk and human hair (which sometimes come with a mix of synthetics) and then real mink. For safety and longevity of your falsies, it’s not advisable to use a clamp curler because it’s possible to ruin them. However, you may use a heated eyelash curler on 100% real mink lashes.

A general rule of thumb is to curl your natural eyelashes first using your eyelash curler and then apply your false eyelashes afterwards. Taylor Swift knows the importance of curling your lashes, which is step 5 in our article “How to Do Good Eye Makeup for Small Eyes like Taylor Swift”. Read the article here.  

E.L.F Mini Eyelash Curler:



Cost: anywhere from four to twelve  dollars ($4-$12)

Fierce clamp which can easily lead to  kinking and bending the lashes  if you are not careful.

Great curling, precision and accuracy  due to smaller profile

Not as curved as Shu Uemura

Easy to find


Dramatic effects and Superior curl that  lasts and lasts



In the video below, MzCareyCouture has a quick 2 minute review showing how well the curler works for small eyes and how easy it is to use.


Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler:



Effective for curling all types of  lashes and much better suited for  small eyes

Cost: Average price around thirty  dollars ($30)

Great curling and precision due to  smaller profile

Does not work well on larger and  regular sized eyes

Great for thinner, straighter and more  sparse lashes (e.g. Asian  lashes)


Great for corner lashes, short lashes  and those near the tear duct



Jennifer Chiu in the video below reviews the Shu Uemura curler, how it works on her straight short lashes and her Asian eyes and gives it a thumbs up compared to her previous one.

Below is Youtube blogger Fafinette x3 in her review of both the E.L.F and Shu Uemura mini eyelash curlers, mentioning physical differences as well as how they work on her Asian smaller eyes. With one on her left and one on her right eye, you are able to see the final result and her preferred curler. 

What Others Are Saying

Julie Ann from LUUUX® rates the E.L.F mini a 4.5/5. Tiffany T reviews the Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler and recommends the product although does not indicate a numbered rating.

Makeup Alley (based on 23 reviews) gives the E.L.F mini a 3.4/5 with a package quality rating of 3.8. They rate the Shu Uemura mini a 4.2/5 (based on 2,156 reviews) and rate the package quality a 4.0.

Beautylish Inc. rates the E.L.F a 4/5 based on 6 reviews mostly due to its price, and size. They rate the Shu Uemura 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews due to its precision for hard to reach lashes on small eyes.


The precision and accuracy from either mini eyelash curler is undeniable and both are well reviewed by those with small or Asian eyes. If you have this type of eye and are looking to shape up your bottom lashes and top lashes, traditionally sized metal clamp curlers may be too large to be practical for you even if you go for some of the best eyelash curlers on the market. There are many manufacturers of these smaller devices, but the E.L.F and the Shu Uemura curlers are two of the better known models.

You have to be careful nonetheless since their grippy nature can damage or pull out natural lashes. While it takes some getting used to due to the small form factor, this is the case with all curler options. And for those who want the best dramatic effect and precision for the small eyes, they are both great products on the market.


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