January 17, 2021
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Eyelash Extension Glue

Eyelash Extension Glue For Sensitive Eyes – 10 Shocking Facts

Whether you are considering synthetic Xtreme Eyelash Extensions or authentic Siberian mink lash extensions by Minki Lashes, one component that everyone must consider is how they are going to get secured onto your lashes or eyelid.  Eyelash extensions go far beyond the abilities of even the best eyelash curlers and mascara to produce bold and dramatic looks for everyone from runway models to housewives and are a rising trend in the beauty industry.  However, the chemical laden adhesives that are used in the process can be bothersome to some recipients, and while there are many options available for hypoallergenic makeup brands, the unfortunate truth is that as of yet there are no organic or natural options for eyelash extension glue. Read our list of 10 shocking facts that might have you thinking and considering some new mascara and summer eye makeup instead of falsies for your sensitive eyes!

Formaldehyde in eyelash glue1. Formaldehyde! Because of a chemical reaction that occurs during the compounding process of the adhesives, a resulting byproduct is potentially cancerous and highly toxic formaldehyde rated 10 (highest risk) by Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.  While only existing in very small amounts, a reaction to this Embalmer’s Potion is not uncommon if you have very sensitive eyes. Because regulations vary, the ingredients labels on eyelash extension glue can vary dramatically. But one thing remains: every permanent eyelash adhesive has some formaldehyde content in it, so your goal should be to find the one that contains the least amount!

Itchy Eyes2. Glues Are Usually Labeled as Skin and Eye Irritant:  Yup, it says right on the bottle that skin and eye irritation can result from eyelash extension glue.  Therefore there is a lot to be said about the level of eyelash extensions training that your particular lash technician has received.  One wrong move and your sensitive eyes could be subjected to some painful agony!

Ocular Disorders3. Ocular Disorders Alert! When improperly practiced, eyelash extension procedures can, in very rare cases, cause ocular disorders, such as keratoconjunctivitis and allergic blepharitis.  Formaldehyde, too, can cause keratoconjunctivitis. Most of these, of course, can be avoided when the lash stylist is diligent and when you properly clean and maintain your new mink lash extensions daily!

Patch Test Allergy4. Patch Testing – Not everyone does them!  Believe it or not, while a simple patch test can tell you if you might experience adverse reactions (such as burns although highly unlikely), not all salons do them.  And you will be shocked to find out why!  Because skin irritation can be severe from some forms of low quality eyelash extension glue (from Asia especially), certain kinds, particular those designed for eyelash tips, should never come into contact with the skin. Your semi permanent lashes are supposed to be glued onto your natural lashes and the glue should never touch your skin during application.

scam5. Medical Grade Scam! Ever heard your lash stylist use the term “surgical glue” or “medical grade glue” for sensitive eyes? Check out this discussion board by professional lashers to learn why this is no more than a marketing trick!  In fact, almost all eyelash extension glue brands use either methyl or ethyl cyanoacrylates, whose  general uses are nowhere near the medical field!

vapors6. Vapors, vapors everywhere! Did you know that eye irritation from glue is often not caused from actually getting it into your eye?  That’s right, the pungent vapors of the chemicals contained inside of eyelash extension glue can be the direct cause of swelling, itching and poofing of your peepers and even a stead application hand won’t be able to stop the steamy chemical concoction from wafting around your eyeballs. An adhesive offering from Eyelash Addict, by contrast, is well reviewed for containing low fumes, which helps lash stylists prevent sinus problems, which are possible in this industry. If you have asthma, beware that some glues may make you more sensitive!

allergic response7. Allergic Response:  Not all irritation resulting from eyelash extension glue is due to being allergic to it.  General sensitivity occurs in many people and you don’t have to have an allergy to formaldehyde to have a less than desirable outcome from having extensions applied. In some cases, if a female is already generally prone to allergies, the histamine reaction in the body is already pre-activated during allergy season.  Some lash stylists advise taking over-the-counter allergy meds or anti-histamine an hour before an application, however Minki Lashes, being pro-natural health, advises you to consider either skipping lash extensions all together or find a reputable glue for sensitive eyes. Beauty at a cost of internal health may not be worth it long term!

gel pad8. Mistaken Identity:  You might be shocked to know that it’s sometimes not the eyelash extension glue that you may be reacting to but…under-eye gel pads…yep, the ones your last stylist puts on your skin right below the lower lash line before the lash application. In fact, some seasoned lash technicians report having noticed an increased number of clients having redness or irritation in the bottom lash line area that is not consistent with typical allergy signs associated with reactions to the eyelash extension glue.

clock9. It’s Not Always Instant:  Think you’re safe if you have a few lashes put on without a reaction? Think again.  People have experienced irritation days after application and what’s worse, those who have had extensions before with no ill effects have had subsequent sets put on and experienced eye reactions later.  You can have extensions many times without issue and then all of a sudden be faced with clam shelled eyes after a seemingly harmless application, although this can also be caused by mascara for eyelash extensions or most likely improper cleansing and care routine.

expiration date10. Expiration Date: Ask your salon how long the eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes has been there?  While most popular and reputable salons do a pretty good job of maintaining appropriate stock, there have been cases of salons using old (for example, 6 months in the freezer), compromised, without an expiration sticker, and even recalled adhesive solutions.  If you think a reaction from fresh glue is bad…….A typical professional mink lash extension stylist services on average 6 clients daily and opens a bottle of adhesive about 18 times daily. The glue typically runs out within under 2 months. Ask questions and take charge of your semi permanent lashes application safety!


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  1. Remember people with sensitive skin, Rosacea, contact allergic dermatitis are all more prone to eyelash extension reactions . I have very sensitive skin and thought I’d try eyelash extensions . I had a reputable land licensed technician . After a week, my eyelash roots started swelling and eyes burned everyday despite cleansing ( everyone should start using Sterilid after initial curing period) daily. Eyes started developing ulcers on the rum and pimple like bumps. Although I ended up removing with special gel VERY gently, I lost MOST of my lashes at the end of it all. Not worth it folks. I now look like a troll …..

  2. I have had eyelash extensions for almost a year now. I love them! Now, these last two visits for a new set each time I woke up with swollen itchy lids. I had them removed and I am so upset that I cannot apply them. I’m afraid to try it again. I will ask how old the glue is? She did not leave any glue on my lid, she was very carefu. She did change the pads she places while applying the eyelashes. I am still assuming it’s the glue. I will try a different glue more for sensitive eyes even if it doesn’t last too long! I miss them. They are short n stubby now:-(

  3. I bought JR Medical Pro glue, before I had all the time reactions swallen eyes terribly like a troll in the evening or in 1 day and it lasted for 3 days!!!Nothing helped.Now I bought this JR glue and it also caused reaction although reviews were quite good.And before i did extencions for 3!!!years with Xtreme lashes, and they have 2 glues black wich causes allergy in my case and white, wich I happily used for 3 years without problems!The only prblm now that where I live now there are no Xtreme lashes at all.I am really thinking to go through coarse myself cause its the only way for me to have that glue and lashes without problems.

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