September 21, 2020
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Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

Eyelash Extension Glue Remover Ingredients Safety Review

Anyone who has has a professionally applied set of mink eyelashes knows that technicians stress the importance of returning to the salon for removing eyelash extensions safely and effectively. This is because extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes, and using home based concoctions for eyelash glue remover substitutes are not always effective enough to allow for removal without losing natural lashes. And, inexperienced users are often all too eager to tug and pull during the removal process which can lead to a literal tearing out of the natural lash. Typically in a salon setting, professional eyelash extensions are removed using pro products that are different from the ones available in stores. The majority of the time, the eyelash glue remover of choice used to break the bond of the glue holding the silk, synthetic or mink lash extensions in place is propylene glycol based.

The online cosmetics database Skin Deep indicates that propylene glycol is a neuro-toxin that could weaken cellular structure and be responsible for skin allergies or dermatitis, and is a potential for immunotoxicity. Banned in Europe, Skin Deep gives the ingredient an almost mid-range 3 health hazard rating.  While nowhere near as heinous as the ingredients found in professional grade eyelash adhesive such as formaldehyde, propylene glycol based formulations are actually more hazardous than the drugstore grade eyelash glue remover products that can be purchased for a couple of bucks.

Professional salon eyelash extension glue remover from Lash beLong™ contains dangerous fragrance and geraniol, known allergens and human toxins, and Everlash Adhesive Remover’s main ingredient is methoxy 2 propanol, is highly drying to the skin!
Professional salon eyelash extension glue remover from Lash beLong™ contains dangerous fragrance and geraniol, known allergens and human toxins, and Everlash Adhesive Remover’s main ingredient is methoxy 2 propanol, is highly drying to the skin!

Over-the-counter product like Revlon Remover For Lash Adhesive is a safer choice for ladies who have a concern for makeup ingredients and prefer to avoid products that are laden with chemicals and potentially hazardous. The main ingredient found in Revlon eyelash glue remover is mineral oil. And, while mineral oil is not considered a serious hazard when applied externally, it can be problematic in aerosol formulations and is comedogenic, so you may want to avoid this if your skin is prone to breakouts. Macadamia integrifolia seed oil is the secondary ingredient to this formulation, and it poses no health risks or hazards. The remaining two ingredients found in Revlon eyelash glue remover are grape seed oil and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and neither is considered hazardous in cosmetic use. Essentially, the drugstore Revlon product offering is even safer than some organic water based mascara options in terms of low risk for potentially problematic ingredients content. Note, however, that you will need to use a 10 minute steam treatment for your eye area in order to help loosen up the glue bonding, before using the OTC remover options, or even natural ingredients such as olive or coconut oil.

Genuine or faux mink eyelash extensions by Minki Lashes are an amazing way to enhance eyes of any shape and size and create a long, lush and luxurious look. They complement the perfect eye makeup in ways that are beyond belief and can even afford wearers the opportunity to go au naturale and skip wearing eye makeup entirely. They are a markedly faster alternative to prescription lash growers and store bought eyelash conditioner and provide an instant and long lasting method to achieve instant glamour. While the ingredients in professional eyelash glue remover may be considering, they are relatively safe in terms of comparison to many other beauty products. But, those concerned can consider safer over the counter options like the Revlon eyelash glue remover product available at many retailers that is also effective and inexpensive with most ingredients considered relatively safe for use around the sensitive eye area with minimal risk or adverse effects.


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