September 23, 2020
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Eyelash Glue Remover

Eyelash Extension Glue Remover Natural Vs Chemical

If you have decided that you are no longer in need of your professional natural false eyelashes such as genuine cruelty-free mink lash extensions by Minki Lashes, your best course of action is to return directly to the technician that applied your new fringe.  Your salon typically carries a chemical based glue remover as part of the professional eyelash extension products kit. For example, a popular salon Lash beLong™ Adhesive Remover contains not only allergenic “mystery” fragrance, but also geraniol, a fragrance ingredient known to be a human allergen and a toxin rated 7 out 10 on the scale of health risks by Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, and declared as being dangerous by the European Union. Everlash Adhesive Remover contains methoxy 2 propanol, a chemical ingredient that could cause drying and even cracking of the skin around the eye area, and with prolonged use even lead to negative effects on the nervous system!

If you are pressed for time, worried about salon eyelash glue remover chemicals, or you did the work yourself at home with a $6.00 box of Ardell individual lashes and a small tube of eyelash extension glue, then the removal is going to be all on your shoulders, and you’re probably wondering what the best way to go about doing it is.

You can very easily snag up a bottle of eyelash glue remover at your local drug store or beauty supply store (don’t forget online of course!).  However, you will find that these, like the salon products, contain a wide variety of chemical ingredients.  For instance, brands like Ardell eyelash glue remover (Ardell LashFree Remover) contain only a glycol solvent, whereas more commercialized products contain chemicals that could be considered hazardous like butylparaben.  Therefore simply making the decision to skip the natural options will not be your only choice to make.  You will need to read the ingredients label of your eyelash glue remover carefully in order to determine which one is the best choice for you.  Some problems that users have experienced when using chemical eyelash glue remover include burning, stinging and of course a reaction to the fumes.  In some cases, people have experienced allergy like symptoms likely from one or more of the compounds contained within the product.

More abundantly in recent years, many people have joined a movement to limit the amount of chemicals in cosmetics and beauty products that they are exposed to.  Believe it or not, while you might have a hard time finding the best natural mascara at your local store, you sure won’t have a tough time finding the best natural eyelash glue remover.  In fact, you can pick it up the next time you buy groceries – because it’s just plain and simple olive oil. A simple method involving carefully introducing the glued fringes to steam via holding the head over a bowl of hot water most commonly is followed then by gentle application of olive oil to the lashes followed by a very calm combing.  Lashes that haven’t yet come free are simply doused again in olive oil until they are combed again.   The process is repeated until the remaining extensions have been removed and fall free.  For lash strips and not tips, the comb isn’t an essential, but the same method applied.  Gently swabbing the lash line with olive oil to unhinge the adhesive is the mechanism of action for both methods.

Your choice in an eyelash glue remover will depend on many things.  The effectiveness of both methods is similar, although it’s arguable that the natural olive oil method likely takes a bit longer. If you are someone who is sensitive to fumes and frequently experiences negative reactions to chemicals, you also may want to try the natural approach.  In fact, even if these types of products aren’t your thing and your natural makeup for brown eyes is about the only chemical free product you have ever bought, that doesn’t make you any less likely to benefit from this simple and effective home method that is chemical and toxin free.


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