August 5, 2020
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Eyelash Extension Remover Solution For Allergic Reactions

Most women know when they have sensitivity to cosmetic products.  They end up forced to pay extra for non toxic makeup and organic essentials and sit in store aisle struggling to read fine printed mascara ingredients lists to stave off impending allergic reactions.  However, eyelash extensions typically don’t cause a reaction in most females and so some are unaware that it’s even a possibility.  However, there are cases of women having adverse reactions to all sorts of products used by lash salons, even those that are deemed suitable for “sensitive” people and products claiming to be hypoallergenic eyelash glue.  The truth is that most glues utilize the same basic adhesive ingredients (although perhaps in varying amounts and combined with different types of additional ingredients).  This includes the falsely marketed “surgical” or “medical grade” eyelash extension glue types. As such, most reputable salons will do a patch test on a hidden spot of skin before application of the silk or mink eyelash extensions.  But, in those cases that a patch test hasn’t been done, allergic reactions can occur, and that can leave ladies seeking a false eyelash remover solution really quick.

Now, any good salon will advise against you doing any type of eyelash removal at home.  It’s simply not safe to do.   You can hurt yourself and do a really nice job of removing your natural lashes at the same time. However, suppose you get your luxurious mink lashes by Minki Lashes installed on a Friday by a salon that isn’t open weekends.  Surely you aren’t going to be able to suffer through a whole weekend with skin and eye irritation, and therefore a fake eyelash remover solution may very well be necessary.   You may decide to go to your local drug store or even grocery store and you will likely find various types of eyelash glue remover available.  However, in some cases, they are ineffective (especially if the permanent glue your lash technician used was a cyano acrylate formula) and what’s worse is that using them could possibly create further irritation should you have a reaction to them!  And, if you’re midway through an allergic reaction in the first place, adding fuel to the fire is hardly a desirable outcome. It’s best instead to consider a non chemical based false eyelash remover at home.

You may think that soap and water are the tools of the trade for tight bonding adhesive removal, however scrubbing away at your professional false eyelashes can potentially serve as a type of eyelash remover solution that you don’t want, that removes your natural eyelashes as well as the false ends.  Therefore scrubbing and rubbing is not advisable.  Instead, you need to work to loosen the offending adhesive gently and the best way to do that is via steam and oil.  

By subjecting the lash tips to steam for 10 or more minutes, you can substantially loosen the grip they have on your natural lashes. After that, it’s a lot easier to gently slide them off by using a cotton ball soaked in olive oil.
Since both steam and olive oil are a lot less likely to add any additional irritation to your already unfortunate situation, you can make a pretty solid attempt at gently nudging off the offending irritants. Note that some professional glues have a very strong hold so you may need to spend a considerable amount of time keeping the oil on your eyelashes and gently removing the individual lashes one by one, so be patient!

Most applications of eyelash extensions are safe and devoid of nasty after effects, when applied by a certified and experienced technician.  Proper eyelash extensions care before and after the procedure is essential to the success of the application.  However in cases where rare allergic reactions occurs due to the adhesive, your installing technician should be consulted right away.  If you are unable to return to the salon, then consider steam and oil as a natural option for an at home eyelash remover solution before going to drastic measures that could damage your natural eyelashes.


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