August 5, 2020
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Eyelash Extensions At Nail Salons – Should You Trust Them?

Nails salons are fantastic places – to get your nails done, that is.  The problem is that many of these smaller outfits start trying to offer more and more services to draw in eager customers and offer things like reduced eyelash extensions cost to lure in the bargain shopper. The problem with this however is that they are often not technically capable of properly offering such a service and while professional eyelash extensions can be very pricey, there is a good reason behind that.

It’s almost impossible to miss multiple salons touting the best eyelash extensions NYC has to offer, and similar large metropolises will leave you equally un-disappointed.  However, if you can’t get a set of authentic Siberian mink eyelash extensions Miami style, that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to questionable nail salons that offer Groupon daily deals to get your eyes glamified!  You clearly have the internet, and, you’re not using it correctly.

When users of a product or service (such as eyelash extensions salons for instance) are satisfied, they occasionally will let it be known by using the internet and offering a review for other customers also seeking out eyelash extensions salons.  However, when people are upset or had a bad experience, they are much more likely to post a review of their incident.  Therefore, it’s not difficult to pick out the places that are staffing technicians that need a little more eyelash extensions training or are ill equipped or ill prepared to offer the service to you.

Additionally, there is some skill involved that not every technician at eyelash extensions salons and certainly not nail salons possesses.  Remember, they are working intimately close to your eyes, which are very important and sensitive areas.  Employees at a nail salon might be just fine at applying semi permanent mascara, but does their profession in nails really qualify them to be working with a stick and toxic glue hazardously close to your all seeing eyes?

Nobody wants to shell out the enormous amount of money that a pair of mink extensions cost.  Depending on which eyelash extensions salons you patron, the cost can reach and in some cases even exceed $500.00.  For some people, all of this cost for something that is technically temporary (lasting only up to 1-3 months or so – when the natural lashes that the extensions are affixed to fall out) is absolutely absurd.  However, it’s important to not let the astronomical cost tempt you into making bad decisions like skipping eyelash extensions salons in favor nail spas or salons.

If you are completely set on getting extensions and can’t afford to have them done at a highly recommended professional lash salon, remember to use what you have to get the most reviews as possible on the facility that you are considering. And once you make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck if you insist on bargain shopping, do yourself a favor and ask your lash technician or the salon manager (when calling to make an appointment) the following questions, to help you reduce the chance of a potentially bad lash set application:

  • What type(s) of semi-permanent lashes does the salon use? Are they synthetic (most common due to cheaper cost and the thickest but heavier and less natural looking), human hair (not common as relatively new on the market), silk (very common and thinner than faux mink), faux mink (more natural-looking than synthetics!) or high quality authentic mink (not common as high-end product due to higher cost)? When getting a great deal via a Groupon, expect to get either synthetic or faux mink product.
  • What type(s) of eyelash adhesive does the salon use? Ask for the brand name(s) and don’t assume that every type of lash glue is safe. For instance, a popular professional lash brand Novalash (offers synthetic lashes) is known to have a so-so reputation for its glues that not only have strong fumes but are more prone to causing allergic reactions than others due to their harsh ingredient content.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, ask in advance whether the technician has a glue suitable for you.
  • What training certificate does the lash technician have (crucial!)? Training through Xtreme, Lavish, Eyelash Canada and other popular brands is generally a good sign (although there are now some smaller private companies who offer similarly good training), but level of hands-on experience is be a more reliable indicator of whether you should trust your salon of choice.
  • How long has the technician been doing lashes and how many clients had she serviced?

The bottom line is: nope, we don’t advise going to a nail salon to get your semi permanent lashes, but if you must, do your homework to avoid posting a bad review afterwards!


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