June 1, 2020
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Eyelash Extensions Glue Reviews

Eyelash Extensions Glue Reviews By Real Lash Technicians

Sometimes, even professionals have a hard time trying to figure out which types of products they should be using.  Just because something is indicated for professional use doesn’t mean it’s the ideal product, and for lash technicians responsible for some of the best eyelash extensions NYC or Los Angeles has to offer, trying and comparing and reviewing different types of eyelash extensions glue for instance is often the best way to determine what the best products are.

Part of the job of an eyelash technician is simply knowing how to apply the silk or mink lashes.  For this, they most often will go through some sort of eyelash extensions training or have some other sort of classroom time or coursework in order to learn how to properly apply false top and bottom lashes.  However, beyond the fundamentals of actually placing the lashes using skills ranging from designing and shaping looks individually suited for all different types of eye shapes and sizes, the next most important part of their jobs is making good product choices.  And, that not only means picking products that are safe and effective for the consumer, but also those that make the work of the technician easier so that he or she is more effective at what they are doing.

Take for instance Blink  Advanced Adhesive.  It is an eyelash extensions glue that is known to dry slowly and last for much shorter time than most other permanent lash adhesives (as per product description!) because it is recommended for those with more sensitive eyes or for applications of bottom lashes so the ingredients are more gentle. Most real lash technicians report that in most cases the semi permanent lashes stay on for no longer than 1-3 weeks, and sometimes even only a few days! In some cases, lash technicians simply don’t realize the importance of certain factors such as humidity and product storage conditions that may affect the bonding strength of the glue.  For instance, when exposed to high temperature, the Blink adhesive will dry quickly, but when placed in a refrigerator with a low temperature, it will dry very slowly or even not at all!

Sarah’s Expert Collection Glue is one example that, although there have been initial hiccups with some of the even more seasoned lash technicians when using this product, is well reviewed.  This eyelash extensions glue reportedly does a better job than most at retaining the extensions, which allows for longer wear.  Although not “medical grade” as many brands of eyelash extensions glue falsely claim to be (marketing trick alert!), Sarah’s Expert Collection Glue does have a few things going for it.  Professionals mention that the fumes are far below what they experience with other types of eyelash extensions glue.  And, of course their satisfied customers who are happily wearing their extensions for much longer.

Finally, Eyelash Addict is the one semi permanent eyelash extensions glue many real lash technicians almost rave about! With a fast set time of literally 2 seconds, comfortably thin consistency, low fumes, at least 5 weeks bonding time, and with reportedly a very low incidence of allergic reactions, this professional adhesive is a good and more affordable option ($55 to $110) to consider for those lashers who are thinking of getting away from pricey high-end products by such popular brands as Xtreme Lashes or Lavish Lashes.

Overall, every single type of eyelash adhesive for sale will inevitably be affected by the lash stylist’s level of expertise and the outside conditions of the room that it is opened in.  If used in a very dry room, then the glue will emaciate.  This means that the thinner consistency will make for a slower amount of drying time.  Conversely, the thicker the product, (thickened by humid and moist conditions) then the faster that the eyelash extensions glue will dry, but when it’s too thick it makes it more difficult to apply.  This consistency issue will remain the constant among almost all products, however their reliability for bonding and hold along with fumes and customer satisfaction leave Eyelash Addict at the top of the food chain among real users.

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