May 11, 2021
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Eyeliner Styles For Big Eyes – Style Winners And Losers Revealed

If you’ve got big eyes (also known to often be protruding or prominent), then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to de-emphasize that feature and bring your eyes into balance. Does it ever seem to you that applying eyeliner for big eyes, in particular, is very hit-or-miss? That is most likely because you are unfamiliar with the best application techniques for your eye shape. You might be tempted to copy the makeup looks of many celebrities with big eyes, but it is difficult to recreate those looks without knowing the “how” behind them. There really is no secret to effective eyeliner for big eyes…once you learn that “how,” you will be able to achieve a flawless look time and time again!

Mila Kunis – In 99% of pictures, Mila Kunis eye makeup is spot-on perfect for prominent eyes. She usually opts for a heavy, smokey eye, the smudged lines of which definitely flatters! Her lashes always seem thick, long, and lush, but it does not always appear that she is wearing full false lashes. It is more likely that she is wearing mink eyelash extensions, which provide a more natural look, and last for up to three months! If you are curious about getting them for yourself, be sure to do your homework and check out the mink eyelash extensions reviews online. If you want something less permanent but still luxuriously Hollywood royalty-worthy, check out Siberian mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes that can be reused up to 25 times with proper care and wear!

Christina Ricci – Christina has a very unique look. Early in her career, when many of us came to know and love her as “Wednesday Addams,” Christina was still young, and not familiar with how best to make the most of her looks. She wore her hair away from her face (highlighting her large forehead) and left her upper lid bare. Now though, she has completely transformed in to a stunning young woman. Does she still have a large forehead and prominent eyes? Of course, but now she knows how to camouflage those traits, allowing people to focus instead on her overall and unique beauty. In terms of the winning eyeliner look, Christina seems to rely on a nice heavy cat eye to elongate the look of her eyes. Any cat eye makeup tutorial or how-to can provide you with the basics of applying the cat eye to your particular eye shape.

Nicole Richie – Like Christina Ricci, Nicole Richie in her youth also seemed to fall prey to many of the “don’ts” for people with large eyes: light, bright colors on lids, bright liners, heavy highlight in the wrong places. But today, not only has she evolved into a world-class and successful business woman and fashion designer, but she has mastered the art of eyeliner for big eyes, usually applying liquid eyeliner in a bold cat eye, and making the most of long and lovely lashes. Sometimes those lashes appear to be false lashes strips, sometimes they might be lash extensions…but they are always amazing!

Penelope Cruz – Fittingly, she is known as the “Spanish Enchantress” in her native Madrid, Spain. Her look certainly smolders! There is almost always a warm, medium hue shadow on her lids, and lots of heavily smudged eyeliner for big eyes on both top and bottom lash lines. Your best bet is to find a creamy smudge proof eyeliner that will allow you to apply and blend, then set to a smudge-proof finish. Her brows are perfectly shaped, perfectly arched, filled in…but never look “drawn in.” To achieve this look on your own, try out several formulations of eyebrow pencils, or a mixture of eyebrow pencil and power.

Bette Davis – Depending on your age, you may or may not know this legend of stage and screen. In the 1930s and 40s, she was one of the most celebrated (and beautiful) actresses of her time, and her films are still held in high regard today. But for many, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of her name is her very large eyes. Looking back at pictures of her though, you can see that they were not doing much to deemphasize them. Her lids were usually bare, brows high and thin, heavy bottom liner and bottom lashes. Granted, most of that is due to the style of the times (the 1940s were not known for their advances in eyeliner for big eyes)…but rarely in pictures do her eyes look in proportion to her face. Sorry, Bette! We love you but your eyeliner style gets an “L” for “loser”!

By simply knowing the right and wrong way to wear makeup and eyeliner for big eyes, you can gain confidence in both your look…and your ability to get that amazing look consistently.


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