August 5, 2020
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Eyelash Adhesive Remover

False Eyelash Adhesive Remover – Which One To Choose?

There are many brands of false eyelash remover available on the market. They’re designed to gently break the bond that lash adhesive has on either individual eyelashes or strip false lashes such as those by Minki Lashes. The first step in figuring out which adhesive remover you should choose is to actually determine whether you will be reusing the same pair in the future, or not. The next step in how to remove individual false eyelashes or a strip of same in fact is to apply something that is effective at breaking this glue bond safely.

Most Minki Lashes users do well with gentle soap and water, or hypoallergenic oil-free cleanser (such as one by irritant-free Cliniderm), to both remove and cleanse their mink strip lashes for reuse. Depending on the type of glue you used to apply your fake eyelashes, you may be able to gently pull off the strip (from outer to inner corner) and then use the cleansing solution. Or, if the glue is of a very strong hold, you may actually need to apply the false eyelash adhesive remover before taking off the strips, in order for the glue bond to loosen up. 

Some products, like the eyelash remover offering from Ardell, feature a glycol ether solution that can rather effectively break the bond of many types of glue including Ardell’s own Lashtite offering or other brands like Duo Lash Adhesive. Unfortunately, according to Skin Deep, the online cosmetics database, glycol ether is attributed to some health concern, including some regarding toxicity. Andrea LashFree Remover seems to be a safer option as its main ingredient is methylpropanediol, a solvent that  is not considered to be hazardous by Skin Deep, but because it facilitates the penetration of the skin hence making it more likely for other harmful chemical ingredients to access your body, it should be used with caution, and immediate application of eye makeup right after it is better to be avoided.

Another less chemical laden eyelash remover option to consider instead is the product from Revlon. It’s main ingredient is mineral oil, which has some health concerns in its aerosol form and should not be used for those with skin sensitivities and breakouts, but is generally considered safe when used externally in limited quantities. Behind that, grape seed and macadamia oil follow, tipped off by ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The Revlon offering is just as effective according to many users and offers fewer ingredient concerns.

Note, however, that any type of oil based remover should never be used on mink fur strip eyelashes if you are planning on re-using them. This is because even the smallest trace of oil left on the mink eyelash strips will prevent your false eyelash adhesive from sticking during your next application.

Of course, there is no more natural eyelash remover than straight from the pantry olive oil or coconut oil. Oil can be used either after gently pulling off your strip mink eyelashes that are to be reused next time, or, before if you will not be reusing the strips or individual eyelashes. When helped along by a ten minute steam bath, required to begin to loosen each individual false eyelash or help loosen up strips, the olive oil serves as a lubricating balm that helps remove them cleanly and gently without the need for tugging or pulling which can be damaging to existing natural lashes.

For people who choose to buy fake eyelashes that are also concerned about beauty product and cosmetic ingredients safety, the world of false eyelashes can be a nightmare. Adhesives and removers are sometimes laden with ingredients that can cause irritation and negative reactions. Those who continually seek out chemical free makeup may be disappointed to find that many of the most popular products used in false lash wear including eyelash remover are often guilty of being anything but all natural.

However, for the peruser of ingredients in mascara and the frequent purchaser of organic makeup, there are some great options for eyelash remover that are safe, effective and devoid of chemical additives. The offering from Revlon, and oil based product with safer ingredients is a great choice for the chemical conscious. And, those who want to avoid commercial products for eyelash remover entirely are still in luck, with the most natural of options being easily accessible and on hand, olive or coconut oils.

Regardless of which choice is made in an adhesive removing product, it’s absolutely critical that gentle care and safety measures be taken when removing false eyelashes. While the concerns of chemicals can be diverted thanks to great products like Revlon, methodology plays just as important of a role when choosing to remove false eyelashes at home. Avoid pulling, tearing and tugging to reduce the risk of injury and loss of natural lashes, and ensure that both safe steam baths and an eyelash remover of choice are used slowly, liberally and as instructed to free the individual lashes or strips.


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