August 5, 2020
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Celebrities With Big Eyes

Female Celebrities With Big Eyes – 10 Secret Eye Makeup Tricks!

Flipping through the pages of any fashion or gossip magazine, you will see a dozen female celebrities with big eyes. Yet, for some reason, the last term that comes to mind with any of them is “protruding eyes.” Why is that? Well, probably because those celebrities have teams of makeup artists that expertly take what might be considered an aesthetic flaw, and turn it into a cosmetic masterpiece. Why, oh why, can’t us normal, big-eyed girls have teams of makeup artists at our beck-and-call? Who cares…we don’t need them, when we’ve got 10 best secret eye makeup tricks from female celebrities with big eyes right here!

1. Prep the area – One of the most consistent celebrity makeup tips, no matter what your eye shape or size, and no matter what style you are going for, is to prep the area. This means primer! Since shadow and liner will be instrumental in creating the illusion of a smaller eye, we need it to stay in place. So, apply your primer (and smudge a little under your lower lash line too) and then let dry.

2. Camouflage and conceal – If you’ve never seen a “before” picture of Kim Kardashian with concealer, contour, and highlight in place prior to blending…well, it’s pretty jarring. There is some major play of light and shadow going on there. But one thing that’s standard with a Kim Kardashian eye makeup look is under-eye concealer. Since Kim is one of those female celebrities with big eyes, her artist knows that dark circles under the eyes and in the tear duct only creates an even deeper looking eye.

3. Know how to shadow – Here’s where the magic happens. Placement of shadow can make or break big eyes makeup. Since your eye is slightly protruding, we want to decrease and push back the look of the lid. That is done through darker shades of shadow being layered onto the lid. If you look at pictures of the Olsen Twins with and without dark shadow on their lids, you can see the extreme and flattering difference when the darker hues are applied. Smokey shadow + protruding eyes = WHAT protruding eyes?

4. Line the lashes – Nicole Ritchie is one of those celebrities with big eyes who constantly relies on a heavy liquid liner on the top eyelashes to decrease the protruding appearance of her eyes. Dark liner, like shadow, can camouflage a larger eye. To maximize the impact, try a smoky dark line along the lower eyelashes as well.

5. Line the inner rim – Adhering to the rule that dark colors recede and light colors bring forward, lining the inner rim (waterline) of your eye with a dark color is a great “eyeliner for big eyes” trick that works wonders.

6. Curl those lashes – You will want to get the most impact as possible out of your eyelashes; they will also help to camouflage your lid space. So, breakout that heated eyelash curler before mascara (heated kind is safer than the conventional metallic clamp). Celebrities with big eyes know the difference a lovely, curved lash can make. And they use this trick even when not wearing false lashes.

7. Lashes help to create balance – Look more closely at those pictures of female celebrities with big eyes, because you might not see them employing a very effective device: false lashes made of authentic (cruelty-free) mink. If you can add length to the outer corners of your eyes, it will help to elongate their appearance, making them look less round and large. Adding partial (accent) lashes or individual lashes, such as those by an affordable luxury brand Minki Lashes, to create this cat eye effect is just what you need! But if you don’t have the patience or coordination for constantly applying lashes even with easy-to-follow instructions from Minki Lashes, you might want to consider professional eyelash extensions. If you go in and ask for Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions, the technician will know immediately the look you’re going for.

8. Highlight – Remember the importance of camouflage from tip #2? Well, this goes right along with that. You want to create a brow bone, and also eliminate any sunken appearance, so add a subtle highlight under your brow and in your tear duct area for an illuminating effect.

9. Groom those brows – Katy Perry eyebrows are a perfect example of eyebrows balancing out what could have been a big-eyed disaster! Neatly groomed brows, with a well-defined arch will complete the perfect look.

10. When all else fails, bring some bangs – Take a page from Christina Ricci. Yes, her forehead was a tad big to begin with, but so were her eyes. And by adding a bold bang, she quickly de-emphasized both her forehead and her protruding eyes. Now, all you see is lovely!

Those female celebrities with big eyes are everywhere, parading around, flaunting the hard work of their makeup artists. Well, now you can too…minus the outrageous price-tag! If you ask me, you got the better end of that deal!


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