February 26, 2021
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Flirties Eyelash Glue Vs Revlon Lash Adhesive Comparison

Sensitivity to eyelash glue is not uncommon. In fact, lash pros agree that even when the most profound safety measures are taken, it’s still not uncommon for people to have a negative reaction to eyelash glue. Sometimes, those experiencing adverse effects are those who have existing reactions to the ingredients in makeup or cosmetics to begin with, and are hypersensitive to cosmetic products in general (skin problems from acne to eczema). In other cases, patrons of lash salons who have had their natural looking false eyelashes in genuine mink applied many times, even as long as a year, develop a reaction later on down the road, rendering them unable to continue wearing false lashes. Note that a large portion of skin related problems and allergies are accumulative versus immediate.

Regardless, products like the professional Flirties Eyelash Glue have been responsible for known reactions. Most likely this is attributable to the formaldehyde content in many professional glues, which can lead to reactions in many people. But, that doesn’t mean that the hypersensitive have to suffer with thin, fragile lashes and relying on eyeliner for big eyes for that doe eyed look. There are other types of eyelash glue that are available for the sensed or skin health-conscious eyelash addict. And for super sensitive females, wearing occasional weekend mink strip eyelashes such as those by Minki Lashes is an even safer way to go. And, oddly enough one of the best choices for eyelash glue to avoid irritation is from the drugstore, Revlon eyelash glue called Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive.

Skin Deep, the online cosmetics database, give the product a 3 in terms of safety (low to medium risk). While most of the ingredients in this mainstay application means for Revlon false eyelashes and other brands are benign in nature, there are two that are slightly concerning. Both methacrylic acid and methyl methacrylate are found in the Revlon eyelash glue, with the latter being far more sinister. However, in comparison to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, the relatively less toxic ingredients found in the Revlon product could prove potentially less likely to cause a negative reaction. Although, it’s worth noting that both questionable ingredients in the Revlon adhesive are considered so because of their potential allergic or immunotoxic effects, warnings similar to that of formaldehyde, although less hazardous in nature. Interestingly enough, while Revlon adhesive may be a few lashes short of all natural, it’s still miles away from one of its leading competitors, Duo eyelash glue – a popular brand that also presents a formaldehyde laced formulation and is known to be far more allergenic than Revlon.

For some people, the reactions caused from lash adhesive make wearing both extensions and falsies impractical, leaving only the best volumizing mascara as a way to plump up and lengthen lashes. And, many of the adhesives available are made with formaldehyde being a common byproduct of manufacture. Like Flirties and Duo, some  professional grade glues and those designed with the home user in mind are potentially hazardous thanks to their unpleasant embalming related ingredients. Revlon lash adhesive is anything but organic, but for those who are tired of everyday eye makeup application and looking for a way to safely wear lashes without the risk of irritation, choosing Revlon over Flirties may be a great way. There is no guarantee that any lash glue will render the user immune to irritation, however a formaldehyde free solution is a great starting point. And the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive gets great user reviews, too!


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