August 5, 2020
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Makeup For Hooded Eyes

How To Apply Pin Up Makeup For Hooded Eyes Tutorial – 10 Steps

Alas, makeup for hooded eyes can be daunting. I am one of those who have struggled with keeping an updated look on my semi-hooded eyes, and I am constantly on a search for new techniques in applying eye shadow and makeup to reflect the true bombshell within. Sure, I could find one cat eye makeup tutorial after another online, but the standard application methods tend not to translate to my particular eye “situation” (in fact, it’s sometimes felt more like a makeup handicap than a situation). The good news is that the pin-up girl trend in cosmetics (think: Katy Perry eye makeup) allows for even the meekest among us to purr like a sultry kitten on occasion. The bad news is that many of us may have shied away from the dramatic pin-up girl look simply because we are unsure how to apply makeup for hooded eyes. But achieving a perfect pin-up look is completely doable, even with hooded eyelids, thanks to our tutorial with 10 steps listing specific tips, products, and some of the best fake eyelashes available on the market today (hint: Minki Lashes!). You’ll soon see that it’s all in how you apply pin up makeup for hooded eyes that makes the difference!

  1. Prime, prime, prime! Repeat after me: primer is my friend. For hooded eye makeup, daily primer is a must! Since shadow is crucial for achieving a pin-up look, your goal is to keep it on (and visible). Excellent pick: BareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer 
  2. Tightline upper lashes – Helps give your pin-up makeup for hooded eyes an extra bit of oomph at the lash line, whether you wear fake lashes or don’t. Tightlining requires that you slightly pull your upper lid and “smudge” a black, waterproof pencil along the waterline into your eyelashes. Make the line as thin as possible, aiming to “fill in” the bare spaces between the lashes themselves. Excellent waterproof pencil pick: BareMinerals Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight
  3. Emphasize the lid – Even though you may not think lid color is important (or will be seen) with hooded eyes, it is (and it will). Use a light, shimmery color (E.L.F. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Naturally Nude) on the lid to give the illusion of a larger lid (rule of thumb: light colors bring forward, darker colors recede).
  4. Emphasize the lid’s outer V –Use a smudge brush and a dark gray or black shadow (like LASplash Cosmetics Diamond Dust Body & Face Glitter Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden Smoke) to fill in the outer 1/3 of your lid, also smudging it slightly above your natural crease.
  5. Liner – Liner is key! With a liquid eyeliner or gel liner (such as Physician’s Formula Eye Booster in Ultra Black), slightly pull up the outer corner of the eyelid and start your “wing” outward working toward the upper last line (giving that “cat eye” effect).
  6. Add VaVaVa Voom Lashes! Let’s all take a moment to thank Katy Perry for lending her name to some of the most affordable fake lashes available. And let’s thank Minki Lashes for bringing the most luxurious and natural-looking faux lashes on the market today – made of real cruelty-free and hypoallergenic Siberian mink. After trying Minki’s, you will not want to go back to your drugstore Ardell falsies since no human hair or synthetic materials can imitate the shape and texture of a human eyelash better than Siberian mink! But if you are not ready to part ways with your Ardell’s, check out their nice and cheap winged lash for the outer area of the eye, DuraLash Accents – Bold. Skip Duo and Quo fake lash adhesives (too toxic!), and use Revlon false eyelash glue to complete your look. If you opt for a non-fake lash look, Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara or Fake-Out Mascara can triple the look of your own eyelashes instantly (and organically). And if you really want to go for broke, use the organic mascara on your own lashes and then add the Minki Lashes falsies. Talk about WOW!
  7. Fill in brows – Another “must” for pin-up makeup for hooded eyes is bold, dramatically arched brows, so fill in with a pencil or powder and play up that shape.
  8. Highlight brow bone and tear duct – Sweep a light, pearly shade on these spots which “open up” the eye area. This is one of the easiest, but often most overlooked area in applying makeup for hooded eyes. A little bit of extra “light” goes a long way.
  9. Powder and “pinched” cheeks – Matte skin is a must for a pin-up makeup look, and add just a touch of pinkish or light peach blush on the apples such as GeoGirl KOC (KissOnCheek) Cream Blush, Eco Peach.
  10. Fire-engine red lips! The redder the better! Line and fill-in with a red pencil first, to punch up the effect and extend the wear.

With the right products and techniques, like those listed in our tutorial, even makeup for hooded eyes can turn a damsel to a bombshell in no time flat!


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